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This $6 Accessory Mounts Your GoPro to Both a Tripod and a Water Bottle


Have you ever wanted to mount your GoPro to a tripod while on land and a water bottle while underwater? A new accessory will allow you to do both. The ROGETI Tripod-Bottle mount is looking for funding on IndieGoGo.

It may seem strange when you first read about it, but threading the mount in place of a water bottle’s lid turns the bottle into a device that keeps your GoPro afloat at the water’s surface.

GoPro already offers its own floating grip that you can mount the camera to, but this will cost you over $30. The ROGETI mounts are available from $6 on IndieGoGo, which is a massive saving.

The mount also works on tripods and has a threaded female screw attachment underneath, allowing you to stay flexible with how you use it.

The mounts come in pairs, with the yellow version fitting on a pop drink (such as Coca-Cola bottles) with a university 1/4″ screw thread underneath. The blue one fits on a regular water bottle (like Evian) with a university 3/8″ screw thread.

This quick video shows you exactly what the vision is for these quirky GoPro mounts:

But sure, maybe it’s not the coolest thing to use for a selfie.

You can support the ROGETI mounts on IndieGoGo and “pre-order” your own from $6 (assuming the campaign does succeed and ship).

(via IndieGoGo via Digital Trends)