Woman Told She Has to Buy Back Her Stolen Nikon D3200 from Pawn Shop

These days, there are a number of search engines, sites and services that can help you track down your camera if it’s ever stolen from you. Unfortunately, finding the camera is often only half the problem — you still have to get it back, and sometimes that can be pretty tricky.

A woman from Voulsia County, Florida had this problem recently: after locating her camera at a pawn shop, she found out she would have to re-buy it to get it back.


The strange story began a while back when Amanda Selby had her $500 Nikon D3200 DSLR stolen from her minivan. After reporting the theft, authorities managed to locate the camera at a pawn shop called Gold and Gadgets in Deltona, Florida.

That’s when things got a bit messy. The pawn shop told the detectives that a man named James Rouse had sold it to them for $190. Rouse has had many run-ins with the law, and the pawn shop even had Rouse’s fingerprints on file to prove that he was the seller.

Despite having solid evidence of who it was that stole the camera, no one ended up prosecuting the case. The sheriff’s office claims to have turned the case over to the county state attorney, but the state attorney’s office states that they never received any case.

The pawn shop has said from the beginning that it would return the camera to Selby if an arrest warrant is ever issued for Rouse. Since that hasn’t happened, the only thing Selby can do now is buy back the camera from the pawn shop for hundreds of dollars — either that, or file a claim in court to try and get it back.

(via WFTV)

  • oldtaku

    I guess I missed this trend – that’s the tackiest DSLR I’ve ever seen.

  • Opinionator

    Now you might find this “fantastic” but she could have given it up for dope and now trying to claim it back. Not unheard of and thats probably why the DA isn’t prosecuting. Cams are often traded for dope on the street. You can walk into a pawn shop and get pretty good money. Not saying she’s a doper but I’ve seen everything.

  • Saint_Barry

    Interesting speculation, but it states exactly why the case has not been prosecuted in the story:

    “The sheriff’s office claims to have turned the case over to the county state attorney, but the state attorney’s office states that they never received any case.”

  • bob cooley

    If it was officially reported as stolen (with serial number in the police report) then the police/DA should be able to threaten prosecution of the pawn shop for receiving stolen goods. That would be incentive for them to give it back to her.

  • Shoot Sharp

    WHAT THE CRAP?! that’s a bunch of bull!!!

  • Jay Rider

    Is receiving stolen goods not a criminal offense in Florida?!

  • Burnin Biomass

    The web page that I will list below seems to indicate that you can recover merchandise without an arrest, but you do have to report it stolen.

    From what I’m reading here, you do not need an arrest warrant.

  • TomasF

    Maybe James Rouse stole the case from the van on the way to the state attorney…

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    Clearly you missed something. It’s hardly tacky. Just the color red. Haven’t you ever seen Pentax’s line of cameras? You can stick almost any color combination you want, together.

  • Greg Heller

    She just needs to contact the local TV news and tell them the story – the minute it hits the airwaves she will get her camera back. The Sheriff’s Dept, the DA’s Office and the pawn shop are not going to want the bad press

  • Pickle

    Shooting an unarmed teenager in his own subdivision wasn’t so…yeah.

  • Kynikos

    My, he looks like an upstanding member of society.

  • Tim

    Are you saying that young black men don’t look like upstanding members of society? To my eye he looks no different than lots of young men I see every day who seem to be working hard and appear to be living productive lives. He may be the crook but to my eye there’s nothing particular about his looks that suggests he is.

  • Chang

    Perhaps the arrogant, leering expression was the issue. Upstanding people of any color rarely look at anyone that way.

  • YRaj

    I am guessing you miss a lot..

  • YRaj

    that’s quite a stretch for someone went to all this trouble…found the thief, a known offender. You have seen everything and now you miss the obvious.

  • YRaj

    good one!

  • the_gator

    This makes no sense, stolen merchandise has to be turned over to the police. Evidence of sale is possession of stolen merchandise. The police take possession then if not needed further for prosecution it is turned over to the rightful owner.

  • Alex Minkin

    I find that…baselessly fabricated, and unfortunately not opinionator-d?

  • Stephen431

    Not in Florida. I was burglarized when I lived there. Found my stuff in a pawn shop and had to buy it back, even with a copy of my police report, matching serial number and a police officer standing next to me. There is some kind of exemption granted to pawn shops in Florida when receiving stolen property.

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  • Jeremiah True

    That seemed like a reasonable solution to me as well. It all seems to hinge on the warrant though.

  • Jeremiah True

    Note to self, don’t get robbed in FL

  • Robert Johnson

    That sucks. I had my car broken into and someone pawned it and then they sold it (laptop). I had GPS chip in the bios so as soon as they logged into the internet the location popped up and notified thep police. I got it a week later.

    Sucks the cops for what ever reason cannot get the good backs here.

  • David Addams

    It’s stolen property.

    They know it’s stolen property

    And they’re trying to extort money from the legal owner.

    Good luck in Court.

    (That is where she needs to take this, and I don’t mean small claims court.)

  • bob cooley

    hope she finds this – good catch!

  • TyKomjati

    I just called the shop and asked the mgr to return the cam to Amanda. He said they were always going to return it to her, they just need to be able to file for restitution. It has since been turned over to police as evidence.