Greg Heisler Talks Photography as a Career and Having ‘True’ Style in Brilliant Interview

As much information as we’re able to pull in through the Internet, there is one thing that can never be obtained through words or pictures on a screen: experience. Through time and experience, information turns to knowledge, and we begin to wrap our heads around the complicated concepts that baffled us in the beginning.

One phenomenal example of a man who has accrued more experience than most is renowned portrait photographer Gregory Heisler, and in the interview above with Maine Media Workshops + College, he shares valuable insight and advice for photographers both young and old.

Gregory Heisler

Heisler starts off with a funny, profound and very relatable event that took place when he was a young photography student in college. From there, he goes on to share some valuable pieces of knowledge he’s gained throughout his career, covering everything from business to ‘true’ style in that concise and focused manner all his own.

At five-and-a-half minutes long, it’s a quick watch that will enrich your day and, quite possibly, your career as a photographer. Be sure to give it a watch or toss it in your queue so you don’t miss out.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Jeff Ladrillono

    Always inspiring.

  • Future is Now

    “Shoot what you can’t help but shoot” That’s your ‘style'”.


  • David Liang

    Great advice!

  • Lincoln Ladrillo

    The only relationship between a photographer and an editor is that the first makes the latter earn money. The photographer contacts the editor, and if the this editor is swoon by the photographer’s work there will be a contact, otherwise the photographer will be scrapped. Basic principles of humanity. Nobody needs a life long career to know this.

  • SheaHelliwellook

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  • Robert Thomas

    What does this have to do with anything? This is like reading comprehension, go back and watch the film.


    Gregory is ever the sage and elder statesman. But he is also like a phantom! Would love to see some of the wise wording balanced with wise video of him the behind-the-scenes

  • Lincoln Ladrillo

    He says he’s realised photography is not too much about merits but about relationships. This sounds like he just discovered America to me. In almost any work you are more likely to land a position if you are known than if you aren’t even thought you are better.

  • Christian Camilo

    can someone explain what he is trying to say with this expression?!?

  • Nelson Tan

    I’d guess he’s saying “be true to yourself” and shoot the subjects you like to shoot, the way you like to shoot.

  • charlesrlee

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  • Lana David Brooks

    Best advice I’ve received is to photograph what you care about. Which is similar to Heisler’s advice, Shoot what you can’t help but shoot.

  • libbydbone

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  • Anaïs Chaine

    ‘true style is a vision, not a technique’, love that :) great advices