Timera Allows Users to Create Then & Now Photographs with Ease on iOS and Android


Timera 2 is the second iteration of a rather unique then-and-now compositing app that crowdsources photographs from around the globe and allows you to easily document the changes that have taken place in the world around you over the decades.

Through a massive user-generated database of historical images, appropriately geotagged to their location, Timera users can create unique then-and-now photos by overlaying the archive photo with a photo they just took.


Photograph by Courtney

Using the app is rather simple. First, you choose a photograph of a nearby location, which the app will then overlay onto your device’s display. After that, all you need to do is properly line up the subject matter in the image with the real world and snap away.

The UI of the app received a nice little update with 2.0 and with it come a number of major improvements behind the scenes. As you can see from the image above, as well as a select few we’ve chosen to display below, the results can turn out incredibly well considering it’s all done within an app on your phone.


Photograph by Patrick Fabrizius


Photograph by fnarfnar


Photograph by Alex_Drabkin


Photograph by Alex_Drabkin

You can pick up Timera on both iOS and Android for free, so head on over and grab yourself a download. And if you’d like to keep up with the Timera team’s progress, you can do so via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Image credits: Photographs courtesy of Timera, credited individually.

  • zdroberts

    Does the app have the rights to these older photos or allow for credit to the photographer?

    Having checked their Terms and conditions pages it seems that it’s up to the user to decide what copyright is and means. Also the only way to submit a DCMA claim is to log into their site.

    Yeah, this is not a app that I’ll be having anything to do with voluntarily.

  • Mike

    The sign up for this app requires that you give up your mobile phone number. Deleted.

  • 1AlanM

    The copyright on the old photos will have expired in many cases. Keep your conscience clear by only using the oldest photos.

  • David

    It didn’t for me and I’ve tried it on Android and iPhone

  • David

    I guess you won’t be using or sharing anyone elses photos on facebook, instagram, google + and twitter for the same reasons then ?

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