Talented Artist Combines Photography and Illustration to Capture ‘The Sketch of a Life’


Paris-based artist Sébastien Del Grosso combines his talents as an illustrator and photographer to create incredibly creative self-portraits. Taking on an almost cartoon-like aesthetic, the series is titled “L’esquisse d’une vie,” translating to “The Sketch of a Life.”

As you can see from the image below, creating one of these images takes several steps and requires that Del Grosso ply his skills in several artistic arenas. What’s left when all is said and done is a unique hybrid between photography, sketching, and digital art:


But this series is about more than just creating interesting self-portraits — something that, admittedly, he does better than many other skilled artists we’ve seen and featured — it draws from Del Grosso’s own life.

“I wanted to illustrate the main stages of my life,” he writes on his Behance. “Like my sketches had given birth to reality.” He begins this adventure with self-portraits, but promises to expand the series in the future to include much more:








To keep up with Grosso and his work, you can head on over to his Behance page or give him a follow on Facebook or Flickr.

(via The Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Sébastien Del Grosso and used in accordance with Creative Commons license.

  • jon

    talented but cheesy

  • Sinareo

    Your comment added SO MUCH to this man’s work! Thank god for you taking the time out of what is most likely an incredibly busy schedule to pass down such judgement from your high horse of expertise! I’m sure this is something Sébastien Del Grosso will take into heavy consideration!

    Or, you know what you *could* do, next time you see something you don’t like, is to simply leave your stupid, subjective comments to yourself and leave it be.

  • Sebastián Cristóbal Henríquez

    nice work! the only thing I would change is the skin softening, doesnt look good on a man’s face, greetings.

  • Ryan

    Curious as to how this guy became noticed. Not to say his work is bad at all because it really is quite clever. Just, in comparison to other photo-manipulations it’s not actually difficult to produce by any means.

  • Lemon

    Almost as cheesy as the no-talent internet commentor who thinks he could better.

  • Ramsey Hong

    For some reason I find your reactions to his fairly innocuous comment to be more objectionable. A few of these images ARE quite cheesy. Especially the image of him “drawing” a female figure out from a piece of paper. As an illustrator, I can see the differences of illustration finesse when he doesn’t have an underlying image to trace over. Conceptually, his idea could and should go farther.

  • Ondrej Vranka

    the simpler the better!

  • David Liang

    I really like the last pic

  • David Liang

    As an illustrator you should be offended one someone tells you what you “could” or “should” do in your pieces. It’s like telling Ansel Adams to photograph something other than desert landscapes. He can do what he chooses and you can enjoy or not.

  • Ramsey Hong

    Really? Ansel Adams was an internationally recognized master of his art and craft. This guy isn’t on that level. He’s not BAD. But please, it is NOT like telling Ansel Adams what to do.

    True, he can do what he chooses. But if someone suggested my ideas could go farther I would see that as a compliment and try to improve on my work.

    And seriously, he’s DRAWING a naked woman out of a piece of paper.

  • Gannon Burgett

    For most portraiture I would agree, but considering he’s going for the illustration look, that seems to be the aesthetic he was going for.

  • Gannon Burgett

    Honestly, more often than not it’s a combination of timing, luck, and convenience. This artist’s work came across one of our feeds, we took a look at it, loved it, and what sealed the deal was that the works are Creative Commons on Behance, which means it’s easy for us to republish. Oftentimes we’ll ask for permission with series, but it’s massively beneficial when the work is CC or public domain, as it cuts down on a lot of hassle.

    TL;DR: It’s chance, timing, and ease of access to images.

  • jon

    now take your comment and read it out loud. does that sound pleasant?

    can no one handle a bit of light criticism anymore? there will always be critics, and there will always be people who don’t agree with you; better get used to it.

  • Ryan

    You’ll have to let me know what Day, Time and Second you’re looking in future! :D

  • jon

    Hey, you think you’re a better commenter than me?!

  • Kyle Blunt

    “The photos are cheesy” “Looks bad” “Not hard” – Sarcasm here intended. Great stuff.

  • Alecio J Evangelista

    I totally agree with you.
    His work reminded of of the Aha music video Take on Me … If we only were in 1984!!!!

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  • Burnin Biomass

    Why can’t I tell Ansel what I think he should do (I mean other than the fact he is dead)? He might not agree, you might not agree, but its what I think.

    People give their own opinions on a wide range of topics every day (food, politicians, cars), but apparently you cannot do it in photography anymore.

  • Manuel Cordero

    Yes I thought about the same song.! Btw Great song!

  • Friv 2

    art always makes people have curiosity

  • Vin Weathermon

    Hate ‘em. I hate all people who think they can draw and do photography in the same day. Who does he think he is anyway? Some kinda artist/photographer??? My pure unbridled hatred may be due to the fact that I can’t draw a straight line to save my life….and I am professionally jealous when someone does something very creative I can’t possibly do.

  • yopyop

    Vin, did you even read the other comments before writing this ? “pure unbridled hatred” ? Ironically, your comment and Sinareo’s one are probably the most aggresive here.

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  • Vin Weathermon

    You know I’m kidding, right? And I don’t read everyone’s comment before I leave my own…don’t have that kinda time.

  • Sarpent

    I’m confused. Is the art, the piece of work, or is it the style? I always thought it was the former.

    If this was the 1860s, wouldn’t this be similar to criticizing the 2nd painter to paint in an impressionist style, because someone had already created a painting in that style?

  • Sarpent

    I think you misinterpreted Vin Weathermon’s comment. It sure looked like a joke to me.

  • Alecio J Evangelista

    I don’t f… like like this work and i don’t feel and wont give you an explanation, deal with it. Sorry

  • Sarpent

    Deal with what? I didn’t say whether you should like it or not. And I don’t want an explanation.

    As important as it is to you, nobody really cares what you like or dislike.