Latest iPhone 6 Rumors: Larger Version to Feature OIS, Smaller Will Not


We’ve already seen that Apple plans to take some serious photographic steps forward when it comes to the its newest mobile operating system, iOS 8, but we have yet to find out what the Cupertino giant has up its sleeve hardware wise.

Of course, even if we haven’t heard from Apple, that doesn’t mean we don’t have some idea what’s on the way. As the iPhone 6’s inevitable announcement draws ever nearer, vague hardware rumors are beginning to solidify.

The latest of these rumors has to do with the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) system said to appear in the next generation Apple smartphone: according to Apple Insider, OIS won’t actually appear in all of the iPhone 6 models.

iPhone 6 Concepts by Ciccarese Design.

iPhone 6 Concepts by Ciccarese Design.

In case you’re not familiar with the latest rumors, Apple will supposedly release two versions of the 6: a 4.7-inch phone and a 5.5-inch ‘phablet.’ Well, according to a research note by ‘noted KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo,’ he predicts that only the larger of these will feature OIS as a way to differentiate it from the smaller (and likely cheaper) version.

That’s not to say the smaller version won’t see hardware improvements. The note predicts that the 4.7-inch phone will feature a middle-mount open-loop voice coil motor (VCM) that will outperform the iPhone 5s version in terms of autofocus and power consumption, but will fall short of the closed-loop VCMs found in competing Android phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

That being said, Kue still believes the phone will be a ‘market leader’ in imaging because of company’s characteristic vertical integration of software and hardware, something more than a few Android fans will probably scoff at.

Both versions are predicted to use an 8-megapixel Sony sensor customized specifically for Apple.

(via Apple Insider)

  • Kristian Colasacco

    I have an iPad but there’s no way I’d even consider an iPhone until they add micro SD storage and at the very least, swappable batteries. Since that’s most likely never going to happen, I’ll just stick with phones that do.

  • Jason Yuen

    I agree. external storage is vital for cell phone photography. If you drop your phone into the water or damage it, your data is lost with the internal storage of the phone. With a micro SD card, you are more than likely able to recover data even if the phone were dropped in water or destroyed.

  • Jesse

    They are expecting you to backup your images with iCloud.

  • the truth hurts

    same here.. i dont mind using apples ipad at home as like my couch/bed computer.. but for a phone, i’ll never go w/ iphone b/c of no micro SD, and how you have to go through itunes for everything you want to put in your phone.

    and they probably will never give us the ability to use micro sd b/c of what someone mentioned.. they want you to use their icloud

  • Jason Yuen

    True, but that’s not practical. The most likely time for you to damage your phone is when you are out and moving about. You don’t always have access to wifi to backup. Additionally, for people who do not have unlimited internet plans, it’s another cost of consumption. I use a galaxy note 3 with external storage but I still use dropbox to sync my photos. Samsung gave me free 50gb of dropbox storage for 2 years with the purchase of the phone.

  • Kaouthia

    That’s what Dropbox is for. Mine automatically get transferred to my PC at home.

  • Kaouthia

    I haven’t even had iTunes installed on my computers in well over a year, but have two iPhones and an iPad (I also have 2 Android phones, so I’m not an Apple fanboy).

    I don’t use iCloud with my iOS devices either. Dropbox is a perfectly viable alternative, and BitTorrent Sync (which I’ve recently started shifting everything toward) is fantastic.

  • Robb Cyr

    Ever since I have been using smart phones it’s been my experience that Android phones never seem to last the full 2 year contract. I’m talking about the OS. All of mine eventually slow down to halt. I think there is something to be said about the rock solid stability of iOS. I’m sure plenty of people have had flawless android experiences and other have had terrible iOS experiences. But I know people still rocking iPhone 4’s that are still plugging away. I don’t know anyone with an older android phone. just my experience.

  • Banan Tarr

    This is mostly true. However, you can somewhat mitigate the situation by doing a factory reset on your Android every year or so. Yeah it’s a pain in the ass but it works. Also (Note 3 owner here) Android seems to be plugging some of those holes and my Note 3 is still going strong… and has external storage.

  • gochugogi

    I guess you haven’t owned an iPhone for a long time. Most people don’t bother with the iTunes apps anymore. Or you can use still use it over Wi-Fi if you must.

  • whoopn

    Lots of negativity here. On a positive note that 4.7″ concept looks sweet! I want the bezel-less design to be real.

    To the android arguments, you basically need to buy a google version of an android phone to get an experience as good as the iPhone (sure there will be exceptions, bad copies and what not) so you don’t (to my knowledge) get an external sd card slot.

  • byoung328

    Android issues are usually related to poorly written third party applications in my experience. Even more popular apps that you would expect to be stable are sometimes the culprit. This is something Apple controls tightly via their SDK agreement, application approval process, and by making their own hardware. Their focus has always been user experience and reliability. Now it seems they are catching up in other departments. I use Android because of the larger screens and some of the OS features, but I could see myself switching back to Apple’s “phablet” if these rumors turn out to be true.

  • faloc

    they just get taller and taller dont they? I bet iPhone 20 will end up like a cricket bat :D

  • TSY87

    The LG G3 has the phone sector on lock down in terms of bezel size… That is my next phone for sure. It’s good to see apple finally take a major step forward in competing with the premium android phones though. I personally will never change to iOs in the foreseeable future due to other hardware and software related differences.

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  • Jesse

    Imagine how much she could make with on an iPhone 6!

  • Jpilgrim82

    I’ve always seen hardware as a big win for apple. Their operating system is so streamlined and effective that they are giving just as good if not better of an experience with smaller chips and less ram. For IOS to run so buttery smooth on hardware that is at about half the specs of the flagship android phones really says a whole lot about the stability of their software.