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Leaked Photo Shows Smaller iPhone 7 Will Have Optical Image Stabilization



Nothing is “confirmed” before the manufacturer says so, but a new Apple leak is being hailed as “confirmation” that Apple is going to put Optical Image Stabilization into the 4.7-inch iPhone 7, something the smaller iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s both lack.

Previously, if you wanted Optical Image Stabilization in your iPhone camera, you had to pony up for the iPhone 6/s Plus phablet, something a lot of people didn’t want to do. That, it seems, will no longer be the case.

As seen in this photo of the rear camera module obtained by Nowhereelse.fr, the single-camera Apple is supposedly putting in the smaller iPhone 7 (according to recent trusted reports, the larger iPhone will have a dual camera) features the cutouts that indicate optical image stabilization is built in. Here’s a closer look:


The upgrade makes a lot of sense. We’ve already seen leaks that supposedly show a much larger camera “hole” in the back of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 casing, making room for tech like this. And all reports point to the dual camera system as the big differentiator between the two models this year.

Of course, none of this is really “confirmed” until the announcement date. Expected announcement is still September 7th, so mark your calendars and, to quote the great Samuel L Jackson:

(via Nowhereelse.fr via MacRumors)