Flickr Tweaks Its Photo Page… Again, Gets Relatively Positive Feedback

Flickr DesignChangeup

In the ongoing effort to reach a happy medium between beauty and functionality, Flickr is yet again tweaking the layout of its photo pages. A number of users are reporting an updated layout complete with a few minor adjustments that seem to be making at least some formerly disgruntled users happy.

The most noticeable difference in the tweaked layout is the photo information, which has been moved back to below the slideshow view rather than aligning it next to the photograph. Beyond that, a number of users are also reporting some speed improvements.

Reddit users and those giving feedback on Flickr Ideas seem to be enjoying many of the changes… at least compared to previous iterations. And while the design is far from perfect, these ongoing tweaks show that Flickr is not afraid to change and change again until they get it right.

Head on over to Flickr yourself to see if the new style has been implemented for you, and let us know what you think of the newest layout in the comments down below.

(via Reddit)

  • Robert-Paul Jansen

    I’m happy!

  • kombizz

    I am VERY happy!

  • dannybuoy

    Annoying that you now need to click a tiny icon next to the photo name field to edit the photo title. Can’t they just make the whole area the hit zone for the name field? Annoying. Takes much longer than it should to rename photos.

  • Todd Klassy

    Relatively? For every negative comment there are 100 positive ones. Compared to past iterations of the photo page I would say that user reviews are very, very positive. Now if they can fix the rest of the site, too.

  • Tim Hanson

    So much better than yesterday! Keep going, Flickr programmers, keep going!

  • Tagnal

    My account doesn’t have the new style yet… :(

  • Thomas Kryton

    Me neither, now I feel left out.

  • YoGi

    Wait up guys…. I’m also left out. :|

  • Dragan Tapšanov

    Supper happy :)

  • ℉0t°oG®@Ф

    The looks are not the most important thing Flickr has to work on immediately. The service sucks in privacy department most of all. And absolutely sucks in organizing photos. Only japanese people can appreciate the complexity of charades and puzzles of using Flickr. It takes ages to finish any photo managing task. Flickr is slow, difficult, elephanty and unresponsive. There are things I love about Flickr but so many terrible qualities that in the end make us search for alternative.

  • ramanauskas

    What, now? I think Flickr mostly sucks, but the organizing tools are great–the only good thing it has, really. Try doing something like selecting a bunch of photos on the site based on tags, or on text in the title and description, or on the date taken, and putting them into a set (“album”). In Flickr’s “Organizr”, simple. On Zenfolio or Sumugmug, byzantine and close to impossible. On Zenfolio (which I like a lot of things about) you can’t even tell what sets (“collections”) you have put a photo in. Crazy.

    It’s too bad Flickr’s photo stream and album pages look like utter crap, and that the photo page isn’t much better, and that you can’t customize anything at all. It the rest of the site were as good as the Organizr tool, they’d take over the world.

  • ramanauskas

    It’s some improvement over the mess they were serving up before, but it’s still not good. Com on, it lets the browser resize the photo, which means the photo is always less sharp than it should be. Before May 2013, the photo page just displayed the exact size you uploaded (or a size Flickr had generated, which they did a good job doing), not letting the browser resize it to fit the screen. They should go back to that, to start with.

  • matt jones

    It is an improvement for me, I think the best thing is the “L” button on the keyboard, it now toggles the image to full page and back again. This is pretty useful.

  • slyman

    and they say they don’t listen. first time i’ve seen a decent sized website change when people didn’t like an update. facebook and google could learn something from this. although, they don’t really have to worry as much about people leaving.

  • Renato Murakami

    Didn’t exactly do a thorough investigation, but yep, looks better.
    Like they added more info in a way that it can be absorbed fast.
    In any case, I’m there for the free 1Tb, so can’t complain much. xD

  • Marcin

    On my Chrome and Firefox nothing changed yet. On Internet Explorer I can see the new layout – what a bummer. Now I need to scroll down for each image to read its exif. Also, the white space at the bottom is distracting. The changes obviously promote cursory finger browsing on tablets and not an involved experience.

  • deuxsux

    And you are telling me this is a nice interface?? The phuk is wrong with you people?! Am I the only one who uses a high res screen?

  • GeraldPeake

    “In the ongoing effort to reach a happy medium between beauty and functionality,” I love that part… they just don;t have a clue!

  • Bart van Overbeeke

    noticed a big problem though. When downloading a photo through that new fast download-arrow on the right-below-side, the photo is downloaded WITHOUT the metadata / file-info / copyrightinfo. Absolute killer for Flickr.
    Luckily after my mail to Flickr/Yahoo, I got a response in only hours that they found the problem I mentioned and would pass it on to technical.
    Let’s hope they fix it soon.

  • Bill Binns

    It’s so sad what has happened to Flickr. I used to spend hours bouncing from one user to the next or working through Explore looking at great photos. I can’t do it anymore. If you try to move from user to user or group to group you spend all your time watching that justified view being built and listening to the fans in your laptop scream as the CPU maxes out. Now, I mostly use Flickr as a cheap, infinite backup service (grandfathered pro user).

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  • Matthew Roth

    Hi Bart,
    Thanks for raising this issue. Fix in place shortly.
    -Matthew Roth, Flickr

  • paulc

    We’ve been here before. So why back to all the wasted screen space with the info hidden away? Having the picture info in a sidebar made good use of today’s HD screens. Having it tucked away off the bottom is scroll hell. I for one like to see info about images, preferably without having to constantly scroll up and down.

    But nice to see the new functionality.

  • jkspepper

    Don’t like it!

  • Peter Anderson

    me to, I hate it …. they should of communicated it and given people a choice to opt out ..

  • Joleene Naylor

    Ugh. I hate it. I liked the last layout. what was the point in all that beta etc. to then just dump this crap on us? Getting tired of all the switches – almost every time you log in it’s different. Pick something and stick with it.


    Matthew, thanks for being on top of this. The changes to Flickr are outstanding. I’m looking forward to moving our image library over to Flickr soon.

  • Jo Singer

    Not happy- Hard to get photos (creative common section) to download to desktop.

  • Bill

    God forbid they make it customizable.