World’s Largest Piece of ‘Gif-iti’ Combines Street Art and Stop Motion on an Epic Scale

The world of animated graffiti, often referred to as ‘GIF-iti’, has a new king thanks to the street art talents of UK-based INSA and Mad Steez.

Painted onto an apartment building in Taiwan, this isn’t just a massive example of the mesmerizing hybrid between stop-motion and street art, it’s an incredibly complex and well-executed one as well:


The mural had to altered three times for a total of four frames that, when combined, bring the image to life. The background pulsates, the coins spin in place a la Mario, the picture ‘sparkles’ and even the vents on the surrounding buildings have been painted so they appear to be spinning as well.

INSA is the street artist who first introduced us to GIF-iti back in early 2013, so if this little taste of moving street art isn’t enough, be sure to check out our previous coverage and then head over to both INSA and Mad Steez websites for more.

(via Fast Company)

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