Rumor: Canon Has a 1D X Mark II and 5D Mark IV in the Works for Early 2015


If you’ve been following the most recent rumors regarding the long-awaited Canon APS-C flagship 7D Mark II, you know that the latest news is that Canon has some fancy new sensor technology in the works, and that it’s supposed to re-establish Canon as an imaging leader.

None of the rumor sites have been able to pin down what this sensor tech actually is, but its existence seems a near certainty; and now, it looks like the 7D won’t be the only release to benefit from it. Canon may be refreshing the 5D and 1D lines as well.

The rumor was first posted by Northlight Images, who is reporting that the 1D X Mark II will arrive first (possibly as early as late this year) followed by the 5D Mark IV in early 2015. Both are said to “incorporate significant advances in sensor design.” Sound familiar?


As Canon Rumors points out, if the sensor tech supposedly in the works for the 7D replacement is as ground-breaking as everybody seems to be thinking, then it makes sense for Canon to update the rest of the flagships as well.

Only time will tell if the rumored roadmap will pan out or if it goes the way of the minor Fuji X-T1 upgrade rumor, so keep the salt handy and be sure to check back often for updates as more leaks are bound to spring.

  • Mike

    Obsolete? Why? After two years do the physics of the universe change? Do the cameras function any different? They may not be competitive but an awesome camera today is an awesome camera in two years, easily.

  • Kelvin Drayton

    number 4 is unlucky? how come nikon’s flagship is a D4s?

  • Greg Pierson

    could add to that generic comment. labeling lose change jar “5DII” ;p

  • SiriusPhotog

    Have you never heard of the 1D Mark IV?

  • Bello Russo

    Canon needs to drop D already.

  • ti97

    That would make all their lenses obslete. No body would buy unless they are starting from scratch.

  • ti97

    Lots of people have no kidneys and yet still live… with help.

  • Mike Scotto

    this is true, the mark 2 is trash compared to the mark 3’s iso settings. used both during wedding videos. its easier to tell when shooting video in low light.

  • Mike Scotto

    how is the fuji when it comes to video.. thats what would matter to me. im sure its ok quality

  • Twit

    If Canon CEO’s are reading this please correct me ( sorry I dont do Translations )

    Well,Canon, Thanks! Thank you to all the high paid CEO’s at Canon
    and their Japanese philosophy of moving slower then manure spread on a
    level field in getting more products to combat the others. Bravo, on
    jerking around all your loyal customers who have invested $$$$$$ in a
    line and supported your profits. I applaud your arrogance in keeping us
    in tow until , what 2015,2016,2017??? When you might intro a new Mark
    IV? Really? I ‘am now wetting myself with joy in having to wait.

    I want to thank Sony and Nikon for their innovation while Canon does
    the circle Je$K. Nice add in the WJ- just to see if we were still
    hanging around eh?

    Canon- just keep doing what your doing-and all the people in the CEO
    cabinet start the Yubitsume (指詰め, “finger shortening) now, because
    that’s what its going to take to keep me a customer–and even then I most
    likely will sell all my canons and move to the other folks–Cheers and
    well done!