‘What’s In My Bag’ Video from Erik Almas is Full of Both Great Gear and Great Advice

“What’s in my bag” posts oftentimes come across as a bit pretentious. Between pulling out this body or that piece of glass, it’s easy for the post/video to become a game of “look what I have that you probably don’t have because it costs $XX,XXX.”

But when done right, they can be both interesting and informative, as photographer Erik Almås demonstrates in this fantastic walkthrough of his camera equipment.


Alma dives right into his bag from the very beginning of the video, taking his gear out piece by piece and thoroughly explaining why each item is in his bag, and what he uses it for when he’s out shooting.

And if that’s not enough, he takes occasional breaks from showing you his gear to offer constructive advice on how best to approach investing in your own.

The video is a bit long at just over 14 minutes, so you might want to save it for after work, but with great gear, a gorgeous backdrop, and plenty of quality advice, it’s definitely not one you want to skip.

(via ISO 1200)

  • OtterMatt

    That was actually a pretty fantastic video. I never really thought about what focal length I gravitate towards before.

  • Mark Brown

    Agreed, now I want to watch his DVD except that I could buy the lens I want for the price instead! :-)

  • Alexander Petricca

    Before I even watched this I looked at Erik’s site to get a feel for his work. I said out-loud “wow, this guy is the real deal”. Awesome quality of work.

  • Guest

    I coule be wrong by that was the 50mm 1.2 not 1.4 and 85mm 1.2 not 1.8

  • Brian Calabrese

    The 50 looked like the 1.2 as well as the 85mm, was also a 1.2

  • jon

    Interesting how he stiches so many photos together in order to create a final product. I don’t know how I feel about it, but the results are quite nice for advertising. I would never want to create photos in that way, however.

    Really great video. And those are 1.2’s.

  • DanThePhotoMan

    Fantastic thoughts and what a nice guy!

  • Bruno Vieira


  • Bruno Vieira


  • Ray

    He said he has a 50/1.4, I am sure that was a 50/1.2, he also says the 85 is a 1.8, it is the 1.2 version…does he even know what gear he has? !

  • Emilio Villegas

    Didn’t know Erik, looked at his site, blew my mind.

  • Scott

    I gravitate towards the extremes. My fisheye and the long end of my 80-200.

    OR I gravitate towards my newest lens LOL.

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    I’ve only really seen him use the 45/2.8 on the Contax – interesting that he uses the 140mm, which most people are pretty dismissive of, especially in comparison to the ridiculously sharp 120mm.

    Guess it goes to show that outside internet forums, people don’t care about 100% corner crop sharpness tests.

  • Cameron Prescott

    This is the first time I have ever heard anything negative about the 24-70 Mk 1

  • Raymond Larose

    I had the same inclination. Half the time, these guys showing off their gear tend to not know which end is up. Erik seems to have some fine work on his site. Quite a bit appeals to me (not all of it) and shows a real creative eye.

  • SeoulFood

    Look at that view! I’d take landscape photos every second of my summer if I had a view like that! Ridiculous!

  • Jeremiah True

    I tend to gravitate towards my newest lens but find that I do stick to a couple of standard lengths.

  • tgr

    At the end of the video I was half expecting him to reveal the backdrop to be a green screen set-up in some car park!