Samsung Will Give You a Free NX30 if You #DitchTheDSLR on June 4th in NYC


If you’ve been thinking of swapping out your old DSLR for a more nimble mirrorless camera, but you just don’t want to go through the hassle of selling your old kit and raising the necessary funds, Samsung has one hell of a deal for you.

On June 4th between the hours of 12pm and 6pm in Times Square, Samsung will GIVE you an NX30 for free if you’re willing to hand over your DSLR (any DSLR) in exchange.

The crazy stunt is part of their #DitchTheDSLR campaign, and it looks like it is 100% real, despite a lack of details. The only restriction is the “while supplies last” footnote that could also be read “you better get here WAY before noon on Wednesday,” but lest you think that means there’ll be only a couple of cameras to give away, Samsung has said that there will be “a sizable amount of NX30s,” present.

NX30 18-55mm_023_Dynamic4_black

But even if you don’t get there in time, there’ll be fun games, hands-on time with the NX30 and other Samsung cameras, and a $50 off coupon for anybody willing to ‘pledge’ that they will ditch their DSLR.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re in NYC June 4th and you’d like to score a great deal on a mirrorless camera that would otherwise run you $1,000, grab that old DSLR out of the attic (or the nearest thrift store…) and make plans to queue up sometime ahead of the Wednesday event.

(via Engadget)

  • Flying Tanooki

    hope they would also have this promo here in our country…

  • Yodarkus

    1. Buy cheap DSLR.
    2. Echange it for an NX30
    3. Sell the NX30.
    4. Profit.

  • DafOwen

    Would jump at the chance if they did the same in London – bye bye D70.
    Your article doesn’t say if they give or you need to supply a lens.

  • LeoDb

    Do it in London! :D

  • Larry Mockus

    Sales of old and not working DSLRs on eBay should boost up :D

  • James F. Reilly

    You forgot Buy new Sigma 50mm lens for Canon…:P

  • lemmohr

    How is it FREE when they want your dslr in EXCHANGE? that’s not free.

    anyway, just buy an old Canon Rebel XTi for like $50, and exchange this

  • Chris

    Wonder if they’ll take my 5D Mk III?

  • Henry Chung

    Kit or just the body?

  • Jason Yuen

    Samsung up to their crazy ad campaigns again. They already got an airport terminal named Samsung Galaxy S5. The race must be on to see who can slap their logo on the moon to advertise to every single human (and alien) on the planet.

  • Morgan Glassco

    I would be all over this. Hello craigslist D50 for $80 with tape holding down the flash lol

  • Skeeter

    It’d be nice to know how many they’ll have in stock….would be worth the trip if they had plenty, but would be annoying if they gave away 5.

  • Marco -

    Perhaps they want old cameras to learn how to manufacture good products :)

  • Viking79

    NX30 is a great camera, love mine, wish I could have gotten a deal like that :) My guess is it is a kit with 18-55, they don’t sell body only Samsung NX30 in the US. If you get one, the 30mm f/2 or 45mm f/1.8 are superb lenses. The 45mm focuses lightning fast and the 30mm is compact and sharp.

  • enyceckk

    Body only? I got a d3100.. wondering if they only take body only.

  • Tom

    They’re only giving away 200 cameras. I thought about hopping a plane to get there in time, but there isn’t enough product for the hassle.

  • Larissa

    I’ll take it.

  • Aaron Lee Kafton

    they probably would, then parade it around with its body on a stick as a victory

  • DantheMan

    The lenses are the best part of the NX system. Dat 30mm is fantastic for the price. Sensors, I believe Sony has them beat, but the sharp glass for super cheap is their biggest asset.

    Now if they stop trying to cram Android, NFC, and other random technologies on their cameras and start advertising, they’d do fairly well.

  • DKS

    None of these cameras will go to a photographer. This being NYC it will be all Ebay flippers fighting for their spot at the front of the line. Just think of your usual ticket scalper lowlife and multiply it by 1000x.

  • Travis Keyes

    where did you see that its only 200 cameras?

  • Bill Binns

    Exactly. I wonder how many stolen DSLR’s Samsung is going to be taking in as trade ins as well?

  • commonsenseisdead76

    I’ll take it.

  • Brian

    Regardless of whether people sell the NX30 or keep it, Samsung is getting more of their mirrorless cameras out there, which is a win for them.
    The NX30 was $300 overpriced when released if it really wanted to compete. Add to that no body only option in the states and you have a great formula for poor sales with current and new buyers.
    Samsung’s NX line is surprisingly good when you use it or look at examples on Flickr, but not taken seriously because they shoot themselves in the foot with things like high pricing and Android operating systems that serious photographers don’t take seriously. Add some more f1.4 primes and they’ll start getting serious looks.

  • Jeff Awayla Elder

    Rather than New York, they should have this type of event in some obscure place like South Central Kansas so the non E-bayers would have a chance at this. It’s known all around that the “re-sellers” will be there to grab these all up and not a single “real” Photographer will even stand a chance to get one. It’s a shame really, that these nice cameras will be resold within hours of the giveaway. Why not give real Photographers the opportunity to get a hold of these and really put them to the test, rather than just give them away to re-sellers who know nothing about the business or craft. Think about it this way, the camera companies want to push the mirror-less units this badly but they don’t even care to give away a few to real Photographers. If they would give them to Photographers only, then we could evaluate them and possibly become interested in swapping out our real camera bodies to invest in this technology. – Just my honest opinion so take it how you will. – Jeff…

  • Celos Beats

    SOunds like an amazing deal. I have a 6D should I do it?

  • Stephen Nesbit

    Aw man. I’d do this if I lived anywhere NEAR there, but I’m in Washington State, pretty much the opposite end of the country. I would trade my Canon 40D for the NX30 in a heartbeat =)

  • Eliam M. Marrero Bernal

    Come to Las Vegas and let me know!

  • Cinekpol

    Just buy some cheap old lens for 20$. Not like that makes any difference.

  • Cinekpol

    Yea, sure, buy 1000D, give it to them, get NX, sell NX, get yourself a new lens for your 6D.

  • 1tech

    where is the source?

  • l8rdaze

    If there are only 200 cameras being given away, the first 200 people in line will probably be Samsung employees! This marketing stunt could possible backfire in a bad way if it draws a lot of people and some start acting like A-holes!

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    Hmm… You know, I’ve got a t2i I could possibly sell…

  • Jake

    I’m pretty sure every single person who read past the first paragraph had the exact same idea.

  • moonbase2

    so I can trade in my dslr for something with a slower AF speed, slower flash sync, no image stabilization, that can’t survive the elements for a day? Welll, NO. I think Samsung is moving in the right direction but I’ll wait until they are about four models in to consider.

  • slyman

    or you could just get some cheap old dslr off ebay and trade that…

  • George Johnson

    In the words of the song, “I predict a riot!”, ha ha!

  • Duke Quexote

    Ok Reilly? ;P

  • MrWar

    While supplies last

    You nerds really don’t think they are just going to hand over for free thousands of these cameras do you?

    Samsung has already lost millions to apple, I doubt they have much to spare. At the very most, I see just below 100 of these cameras being given out for free. The camera already retails for about $800

  • lexplex

    Samsung’s mirrorless sales are so poor they can’t even GIVE them away… the NX30 can’t be very good (or it’s very cheaply manufactured) if they’re happy to hand them over to people for free.

  • Muc Cica

    Interesting that they would rather give it away than sell it at a lower price…

  • grapemartini

    I’m just imagining that. LOL

  • S.O.L.D. Inc

    Professional line sitters are available for this event – call (347)744-WAIT

  • NYC_Guy

    I’ll be happy to have them for FREE.

  • Rob Elliott

    This is 3 models in, NX10, NX20, NX30. Samsung is working on a Weather sealed NX.. but don’t know when or what form it will be in.

    It’s focus is fairly fast. It isn’t weather sealed true.. and if you are using a weather sealed camera then this likely isn’t for you.

  • Robert Mauro

    Yes, but I think his point is, most of the competition is ahead of this camera’s capabilities. My Nikon D7100 either beats it or blows it away in virtually every category, and even my D90 has enough of the *correct* merits to make me not want to switch.

  • Rob Elliott

    Well the D7100 is a little bit better it’s not much.. and in actual shooting it isn’t that different.

    I shoot with people with a D90, my NX20 out performs in almost every way minus low light focusing (NX20 lacks phase detect)

    The D7100 has weather sealing and a 24MP sensor, and a crop mode.

    the NX30 has a 9fps burst, built in intervalometer and some extra wifi options.

    Between the two they are fairly similar, and it really depends on which one you are invested in.

    if you have a D7100 there would be no need to switch.

    If you have a D90 and a fair amount of glass, there isn’t a reason to switch.

    if you have a D90 and a kit lens… then it’s a good upgrade, the Samsung kit lens is a fair bit better, and the camera is an upgrade.

    When you say things like “correct” merits it really does make you sound like a brand fan boy. Which is ok.. but there isn’t really any need to make that comment. Particularly when I’ve shot with the D90, and I always happily give it back for my NX20.

  • Robert Mauro

    “When you say things like “correct” merits it really does make you sound like a brand fan boy.”

    No, I should have specified “correct merits for my needs”, which the NX## doesn’t have. And yes, I have a lot of glass.

  • Rob Elliott

    So in other worse you are not the person the promotion is targeting in any way, have likely never used an NX to take the time to actually know what it offers, and are just crapping on it and the promotion for some person ego stroking? Rather then actually providing any useful or relevant commentary?

  • Robert Mauro

    Wrong on all counts. Stop acting like a child. I do a lot of night photography and dim light photography. I shoot in all sorts of environments where I need a camera more resistant to the elements. And I work on a professional video production that’s been nominated for a Hugo, Peabody and Nebula – so, I am not some fan boy, or company basher. Actually, I am a massive fan of Samsung.

    For many people, this camera might be fine. For me, it is lacking too many things I need (that, YES, even my D90 has). Most of the competitors, such as Canon, have cameras (and have for ages) that have such features.

    Samsung seems to be targeting a different market with the camera, yet advertising promotions to the vast majority of dSLR owners who have cameras that address needs similar to mine (even if their needs aren’t the same as mine). Alas, it’s comparing apples to bananas for me. But, that’s also something they DON’T mention in their contest.