Simple Photoshop Script Imports Multiple Images as Layers in a Single Document


No matter how many hours you spend in Photoshop each day, it’s inevitable there’s a feature or utility within the app you’re yet to use or are completely unaware of. Such was the case for this neat little tip by Digitalchemy that we just stumbled upon, which shows you how to import a collection of photographs into Photoshop, each as a new layer in the same file.

Whether stacking together a series of star-scape images or inputting elements for a composition, this hidden gem of a feature is sure to make the task of post-production much more efficient for many of us. Without an “Open as New Layer” option, those who aren’t aware of this script are usually forced to use the dreaded copy and paste or drag and drop methods.

Although the original tip is four years old, we’ve tested the method and it still works in both Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC. The great thing is, most of the work is done for you using a script already built into Photoshop. To see an extremely simple run-through of the process, head on over to the Digitalchemy article by clicking on the link below.

Photoshop: Import Multiple Images Into One Layered Document [Digitalchemy]

  • yamaha83

    if you watch Phlearn then you probably already know this trick

  • imajez

    Alternatively open shots direct from LR into PS into layers – it’s one of the options when you right click.
    Or from Bridge, go to Menu/Tools/Photoshop/Load Files into PS layers.
    Easy peasey!

  • vipmediastar

    Learned something new and you can also blend and do layers in LR

  • imajez

    You cannot do layers or layer blending in LR. You can however open several images into a single file in photoshop from LR [or Bridge].