Rumor: Canon 7D Mark II Announcement at Photokina, Prototypes at FIFA World Cup


Almost five years in the making, the followup to Canon’s 7D still hasn’t become more than a rumor, making many wonder if a Mark II (or any new APS-C flagship) will ever arrive. Well, according to Canon Watch, the answer to that question is yes. And the answer to the following question ‘when?’ is Photokina, with some potential appearances at this year’s FIFA World Cup.

A source that Canon Watch describes as “known to me” has come forward to tellcanon7dmk2 them that prototypes of the 7D replacement, which might actually sport an all-new naming scheme that does away with the 7D line, are going to be out in the wild at the World Cup, with an official announcement following a few months later in September.

The source also confirmed previously-rumored ‘high level video features,’ and said it has taken Canon this long because the company wants to do justice to this pro-grade APS-C shooter.

To see a list of rumored specs for the 7D Mark II (or whatever it’s going to be called) check out our previous coverage. Hopefully more concrete info will start to surface now that the rumored announcement date is drawing, and people might actually be using this thing in the wild.

(via Canon Watch)

  • Adam Sanford

    This will be a beast of a camera, with a new sensor, top-end framerate and AF system, and tank-like build-quality. It will be aimed squarely at pros who see APS-C as a strength and not a weakness. Birders, Sports guys, and anyone who doesn’t want to have to buy a huge white $10k+ supertele will gladly pony up an inflated initial asking price for this.

    Many have said that a crop camera will never cost more than a recently released FF camera, but as we’ve seen the D610 and 6D both drop in price, it won’t be a stretch to see the 7D2 eclipse their asking price, which might even surpass $2k at first offering.

  • RMJ

    Great news ! This means Nikon D400 (D9000) is certainly on it’s way ! Can’t wait !

  • srood

    meh i dont think it will have the same impact as the original 7D , any way canon shooters in need for it the 1dx is not in every one budget ! anyway not me
    sony lack in turm of glass but the new a77ii is really good for sport 12 fps up to 60 jpg and 25 raw at 24 megapixl is really hard to beat

  • Mike

    Give me a sensor on par with Sony’s, in a current 7D body, and you can have all my monies.

  • Chang He

    What would be awesome would be a realization on the part of Canon and Nikon both that the best way to firm up profits and stop confusing customers would be to have an entry-level crop sensor body, a pro crop sensor body, and a pro full frame body. That’s it. Maybe a mirrorless amateur body and a mirrorless pro body. And stop loading them with thousands of little used menu items, changing button locations, crippling them in odd ways just to get us to upgrade. Aperture, shutter speed, ISO controls, and a four way controller for AF. Choice of JPEG vs RAW. Maybe a button for video, if you insist. Everything else is done better in post.

    Do that and the cheer will be heard around the world. Except at Fuji, where the profit margin they are building is around exactly that kind of simplification, (though they have a ways to go with simplifying the product line)

  • Adam Sanford

    That depends on how you define ‘impact’. Today, there are thousands of current 7D users that are awaiting their next major upgrade. A new sensor *alone* with all the rest of the specs staying the same would be welcomed. The fact that it will be a new sensor *and* a lot more (better AF, rumored faster burst, etc.) has me believing that the 7D2 will be a staple professional tool for years to come.

    As far as being hard to beat, Sony has great tech/specs but (a) lacks the number of lenses Canon/Nikon users enjoy and (b) is famous for dropping the ball on little details like ergonomics, menus, light-leak, etc. So Sony bodies have impressive specs but lack the little things photographers really count on.

    Here’s hoping they improve as time goes on.

  • Cos

    what lenses are you missing from Sony? :)

  • Andrew Kandel

    I don’t believe Sony has 400mm f/2.8 or 600mm f/4. I’d imagine that would be a deal killer for a sports photographer.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    I don’t see how this is going to “firm up profits and stop confusing customers”. Care to elaborate?

  • Jonathan Pearson

    will be a bit of a flop if magic lantern find it difficult to hack….

  • srood

    what i meant by impact ,is something like a very large buffer (100 raw 200 jpj i know i went to far !) or putting the 1dx Af in it , in way the original 7d had amazing Af and speed for its time and its still amazing back up even to compliment 1dx ,,, my whole point its better be a big update than improving little here little there otherwise i agree with the other points , let see and wait hope it to be amazing camera

  • srood

    ok let me be hounst to you , i am sony shooter not so rich to buy a ot of glass i am just starting . sony lack a good wide angle the dxo mark of the 16-35 2.8 is horable for the 2000$ sony ask
    the 70-200 2.8 ii is about 2500$ and again it maybe the worst 70 200 2.8 on the market
    for sport shooters the pro rich one can get something like 400 2.8 or 600 , 800 mm that canon nikon has sony dont have
    again i am not sport photographer ,
    i am no saying that you cant get nice glass for the sony but cannikon has better line up

  • Adam Sanford

    Sure. Now I understand. For AF point spread in the FOV reasons, I believe a crop camera can’t have the exact same AF setup as the 1DX/5D3, but I’d expect the number of points and tracking effectiveness to be as good.

    I’d also fully expect stills to improve with the new sensor, though it’s unclear what the burst framerate or buffer length improvements we might see.

    As a still shooter, I’m also curious to see if Canon will finally abandon the AA filter (or in a dream, make it hardware selectable), but as I’m sure this will have numerous video users as well, I doubt this will happen.

  • Adam Sanford

    Agree. It’s not just more or better, it’s a little bit of both. As a Canon guy (not being a fanboy here — just saying), at one point there were *five* 70-200 lens options in the EF mount. You could opt-in for as much tech/quality as you could afford.

  • Chang He

    Sure. Canon makes something like 12 different DSLRs right now. It’s tough to get an exact number, but Nikon makes something like 13. In an attempt to differentiate these cameras, they all have a vast array of features which vary from body to body, and which mostly don’t contribute to making better photos, and which spread the company’s efforts over a larger area in R&D. So one, this would simplify the production process to save money. Two, it would make very clear what the customer was getting. Three, it would make cameras more obviously picture-taking machines, not objects to exercise gadget-based onanism over.

    Cameras are a losing proposition these days, largely because the quality of picture, even on a large high-def monitor, is almost nil between an iPhone and a d800. When you are scaling down to 3MP (the size of the average screen), to some extent it doesn’t matter how many you start with. Also, cameras are harder to use than a smartphone, larger and heavier to carry. If you aren’t seeing fantastic benefits in quality from something that makes your life less convenient, you’re not going to buy it. So simple is better, and that goes for controls just as much as product lines. Make things simple, and make the improvements in image quality clear, and you might still sell a few cameras.

  • Disqus is an NSA shill

    I’ve got a 650D and this seems a mighty fine upgrade to me… especially for its video focusing capacities. Since I do both video and photo extensively and am quite satisfied with aps-c quality this may be the budget solution for the reccuring requirement to have both photo and video present at shoots…

    The one burning question still in my mind is this: 4k video capability?!?

  • Fullstop


  • PazinBoise

    I hope it’s priced high enough that I’m not tempted to sell my 70D to try and pick one up.

  • Cos

    you are not a Sony shooter for sure :-) otherwise you would’ve knew …

  • Helvio Silva

    This 7DmkII annoucements makes me sleep… I believe they launch it in 2031.

  • adam soto

    So true Nikon no need for 3 or 4 entry level dlsr, it’s a waste,Nikon. Should Focus on their auto focus more precise

  • Christopher

    I am both a canon and a Sony shooter. I can definitely say that the Sony zeiss 16-35 is superior to the canon 16-35 in both build quality and IQ. I agree that the Sony 70-200 is ridiculously overpriced at $3000, though I’ve heard the real world IQ is on par with the other 70-200 2.8 lenses.

  • srood

    can i ask you why you shoot with both systems ?

  • srood

    i putted my flicker account but petapixel dont agree to share websites or somthing dud i only have sony a65 , but i am not a fanboy i want to buy best ff system that met what i want to do , not necessary we have the same needs :)

  • Gav

    When you compare the ‘rumoured’ 7D II specs with the just released Sony A77 II. It is just plain embarrassing. The 7D II is already out of date before it is even released…wake up canon your embarrassing yourself!!

  • Christopher

    I shoot weekdays full time for a company with Canon, 1dx and myriad bodies/ lenses. I shoot evenings / weekends for my own clients with Sony a99, et al., that I own. Both have strengths and weaknesses. There are times when I shoot with both ( with different focal lengths on each body.

  • srood

    thanks for sharing :)

  • David Vaughn

    But I’d rather have more options than $1500 for a nice crop sensor body or $3000 for a nice full frame body.

    Why do you think the companies are phasing out compact cameras? The small cameras are the only machines that compete directly with iPhones. DSLRs are aimed at an entirely different market.

    Try shooting little Jimmy at a football game with an iPhone for example. It would be about on par with shooting with a crappy point-and-shoot, therefore the P&S are the first to go. However, shooting a football game with even the most basic DSLR will produce noticeably better results. iPhones are not directly taking money away from the DSLR market.

  • Chang He

    Perhaps less directly, but for 99.99% of picture taking purposes with an end result being uploading to instagram and facebook, an iPhone ties a DSLR (at least most non-photographers won’t be able to tell the difference). Pictures of Jimmy at the football game will be deferred to “the other mom with the nice camera” for most people, and even if they aren’t, that demographic is going to use a kit zoom and never upgrade their camera. In addition, while the Olloclip is relatively crude, I think it presages a future of compact zoom attachments which will definitely compete with DSLRs for the average football mom.

    More than competition, I think the quality of mobile phone camera photos has shown most people that they really don’t need a DSLR. And that’s why profits are shrinking everywhere.

  • Adam Sanford

    You are right, but as stated before, specs aren’t everything. Sony has been ahead of the curve on tech (with everyone) for some time now, yet silly little mistakes cost them — iffy AF systems, complicated menus, questionable ergonomics, inexcusable light leaks, etc. So Sony ends up with exotic Ferrari-like tech that is world-class on paper but fraught with user limitations and frustrations in the real world. The a7 platform — in just a few short months — has gone from ‘industry game-changing solution’ to ‘a good specialized tool for landscape photography’ to ‘I hear they’ll fix the AF soon’ to ‘I hear a new one is coming.’ Pass.

    In contrast, Canon and Nikon rarely wow people with specs, but much *less* rarely do they ever drop the ball on basic ergonomic / control layout / build quality / ‘photographer’s expectations’. So Canon and Nikon users are rarely thrilled but never disappointed. Small, steady, useful improvements are the name of the game for them, and they’ve carved out a large chunk of the market as a result.

    I think someone above in this thread hit the nail on the head. Get the horsepower of Sony (a modern sensor) to work with the “photography know-how” of Canon/Nikon (in a current 7D body) and *everyone* would be happy.

  • Gav

    “inexcusable light leaks,”

    Sounds like you have been reading too many forums….There are no light leak issues. The circumstances required to replicate it are ridiculous. If you want to spend your time trawling the net. you will find the same for any camera…

    “iffy AF systems,”

    As someone who uses the A7 the AF is great. Even in low light. Also (due to its mirrorless design) a lot more accurate than the traditional OVF AF system as there is no possibility for AF calibration to get out due to a complicated mirror box set up.
    I never have to think twice about whether I have missed focus. Simple because the camera reads focus directly of the sensor. If the camera says it is in focus..Then it is every time.

    I can attest the unreliability OVF AF systems, as I had an issue on a job with a 1DX yesterday, shooting at f1.8 on an 85mm there were constant issues with AF calibration. To the point where we had to keep turning off the camera to reboot it. So the idea that Canon is somehow more reliable than anyone else is a joke!!

    “a good specialized tool for landscape photography”

    What nonsense…I use the A7 for anything except sports shots. Yes tracking a fast moving subject move towards you on the A7 isn’t so hot. But then again it is amazing on the A6000 and A77II. So will just have to wait for the next model. In normal shoot conditions it is a very reliable camera with great functionality. I put the battery grip on and found the ergonomics no better or worse than anything else.

    “complicated menus,”

    Oh so you have never used one have you….One function button that has every function you want to shoot with, with one press. Want other options. Just customize to suit your needs…Never have to dive into any menus…What is complicated about that??

    Having moved to Sony from Canon 6 month ago I have found them nothing but a rock solid work horses….Don’t just rely on forum trolls to inform your opinion of a camera.

  • Paul-Simon

    If you’re serious about doing video then I have no idea why you’d be using autofocus.

  • jkantor267

    There already is a 7DMKII. It’s called the D7100.

  • Korios

    Unless you have quite a bit of Canon glass..

  • Dugdale

    Well they better hurry up because many are leaving Canon for the Gh4.I am about to sell my Canon glass.

  • Drew Bernard

    “Introducing the new 7D Mark II, with only slightly less moire and aliasing!”

    But on a serious note, the GH4 and the A7s are making Canon look more and more outdated by the minute. If they don’t step their game up, they’re going to bleed customers.

  • IvarHusa

    I only hope that the 7D Mark II will autofocus at f8, enabling me to use 1.4x on my 400mm lens (with autofocus). If not, it won’t be much of a step up from the 5d Mark III for birds (imho).

  • Steve Hughes

    Similar to what Steve jobs did with apple. Just your core products. I think he got it down to 4 at one point. The company was haemorrhaging money until then.