Albert Watson Shares His Passion and the Stories Behind Some of His Most Iconic Work

In this short, put together by Phase One, renowned fashion and commercial photographer, Albert Watson shares a nice look into the story of his photography. From speaking on his introduction and passion in photography to how he managed to capture some of his most iconic images of Kate Moss, Alfred Hitchcock, and Steve Jobs, it’s quite obvious the love and passion Watson has when it comes to the world of photography.

The video is only three minutes long, so if you’re in need of a healthy dose of inspiration, press play, sit back, and watch.

(via ISO 1200)

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  • MMielech

    A true master.

  • Cynical Bloke

    Almost like he was on a training course and didn’t know how to use that camera, like he doesn’t shoot phase one.

  • Logan S.

    “Be nice to everyone” love that

  • Les A Lancaster

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  • ms