Phenomenal Time-Lapse Tribute to Boston Combines Tilt Shift, HDR, Motion and More

We’re not sure how most of the world missed this time-lapse for the first 10 months of its existence, but we’re thrilled it finally made it onto our radar. Put together by writer/director Sean Collins of Bodhi Films, it’s his “tribute to the beautiful city of Boston” — and it rocks.

We won’t spend too much time describing it, since you can (and should) just click play and watch, but this is how Collins describes the video:

Bostonians are proud of their city and I wanted to make a video they could be proud of, and which attempts to capture the greatness that is Boston. I’ve had the opportunity to explore Boston and be inspired by it countless times, and I tried to channel that inspiration into this video. I hope Bostonians enjoy seeing their city through my eyes.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.52.53 AM

It’s got a bit of everything. From tilt-shift (the majority) to HDR to hyperlapse sequences, no matter what your time-lapse preference is you’ll probably find something to love about this video. Check it out for yourself at the top and then let us know what you think in the comments down below.

(via Movoto)

Thanks for sending in the tip, Kristi!

  • thenewno12

    This is like every bad photo fad from the past 10 years rolled into a single 4 minute video.

  • Marc St.Onge

    Nice, but without quadcopter, underwater, infrared, Kirlian, and ISS images I’m just not that interested….JUST KIDDING! Very nice work.

  • Luovahulluus

    That was just hilariously awful. The worst HDR effects I have seen in a long time…

  • Opie

    There’s nothing I deplore like than the incessant naysayers who do nothing but complain about the work posted on this site. With that said, this is absolutely atrocious.

    Nine times out of ten, I would pay no mind to a post like this, writing it off as “someone else’s taste”. However, having spent the last decade living in Boston, I can say with confidence that we’re packed to the gills with talented photographers who could have done a better job (not that I pretend to be one of them). To see such a hackneyed, “tourist’s-eye view” of our city, artlessly utilizing every bad photo fad from the past 10 years (thanks thenewno12) is quite honestly almost insulting.

    It’s always an honor when someone finds a city worthy of this kind of attention, and I would never doubt that the photographer’s heart was in the right place. But maybe it could have stayed under the radar as his pet project, rather than broadcast to the world in lieu of more deserving efforts?

  • maakuz

    Everything was fine BUT the HDR, I don’t see why they would include it.

  • @JacksonCheese

    I liked the tilt-shift. HDR was way overdone though.

  • Alex Wise

    I think it’s pretty clear why it took a year to get on people’s radar. That HDR…

  • swift

    Wow, you utter a**holes. Regardless of the style, this guy will gave poured hours and hours and then some more hours in to making this. If you ever even experimented with timelapse you’ll know how long and painstaking it can be. To be honest the film is not to my style but good on him for making it. Also he is not the one promoting it, so saying stuff like he should keep it to himself is ignorant to the point of being offensive. If the creator looks at any of the comments can I please ask, don’t take them personally, the internet is full of a**holes who slam other peoples hard work with no thought or consideration. I ( and I am sure lots of others) appreciate all the effort you must have put it, keep it up.

  • Opie

    I can only assume that at least part of this remark is directed at my comment, so I’ll take the bait and respond. I completely agree, actually, with your sentiment that nobody should tell another what they can and cannot produce in their own free time. That’s why my comments were directed toward the editors of this website, rather than the photographer himself (although apparently I wasn’t clear enough about that).

    Like I said, I doubt my efforts would be any more successful than his and I applaud him for putting in the huge amount of work I’m sure it required. But the onus here is on the editors who choose which photographers are given the considerable free publicity at their disposal.

    Thinking that work is subpar does not make us a**holes, as you’ve declared. It makes us discerning. Criticism is a natural part of the art world, and it’s the only mechanism by which personal improvement can be achieved.

  • dan110024

    Jesus. I’m starting to think it’s a bad thing if your work ends up on PP. You’ll most likely be shot down and ripped to shreds because not everyone agrees with your editing style. The guy would have put many hours into it. Even if little hours go into something, it’s still someones work. There’s a difference between outright bagging someone and constructive criticism. PP readers really should learn the latter.

  • prestonkanak

    Clearly enough people see value in this piece as it has garnered 389K views. Keep doing your thing Sean. Well done. Ople, feel free to express your opinion but your comment that, “maybe it could have stayed under the radar as his pet project, rather than broadcast to the world in lieu of more deserving efforts?” — Really? That is a very unfair statement to make…

  • prestonkanak

    I used to respect PP readers but the responses I have seen above also affirms that I have no desire to have my work shared on this platform. A complete joke IMO. Why even comment if you are just going to tear someones work apart. What good does that do the artist?

  • prestonkanak

    A completely useless comment. Seriously? You realize there is an artist behind this piece, right?

  • Sean Collins

    Wow! I can’t believe the rude, insensitive comments on this video. This is my video and I’m proud of it. Who are any of you to crap on my art? I could understand not liking something, but to poop all over it is just hateful. Why don’t any of you go out, shoot a video, get 400,000 views in two days, get licensing offers from countless media outlets, post it to the internet and let me take a dump on it, oh yeah, because you’re just a bunch of talentless haters, so I’ll never get the chance. To the people who had positive things to say, thank you.

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    I think HDR is the AIDS of the photography world, but you are dead right – people here are just a bunch of whinging, boring hacks who spit out dull snapshots of sunsets/their fat kids/test charts and then argue on the internet about sharpness, lens brands and ‘teh photoshops roonin photography’.

    There is a special kind of arrogance that presumes that your own personal taste is an objective measurement by which art should be judged. Well, a mix of arrogance, ignorance and straight assholeness.

    Regardless of whether it’s to my personal tastes, you put a hell of alot of work into this, and it shows. Well done.

    (also, that clocktower shot @ ~0.50-0.59 is friggin gorgeous)

  • buddah610

    The music was terrible. The HDR is terrible and even though I do like the tilt-shift aspect, it was overdone. Yes I realize the amount of time it took to make and edit. If you are a photographer or make films you know. That doesn’t mean it’s an instant masterpiece for GOD’s sake! I’m sure I’llbe raked over the coals bbecause I have an opinion. Now, at the same time I do like his dedication and attention to detail. Just not for me but I’m just one person. Peace.✌

  • Opie

    With all due respect, you got 400,000 views in two days because of the double-bounce effect inherent to websites like this one. Petapixel, Fstoppers, and many others are in the habit of re-publishing each others’ finds, and the number of eyes they put you in front of is truly enormous. Many of these eyes will give your video a view simply because of where they found it. Views are great for publicity, but ultimately you only had to impress a small handful of editors to acquire them (which is specifically what I took issue with in my initial comment).

    Be careful not to conflate these views with downright approval. A more appropriate meter is the *reception* of your project within the fora it’s published, and at least within this (photography-centered) one, it’s not overwhelming. The majority of instances in which I saw your video reposted, Boston was the subject of interest, not photography.

    You’re welcome to convince yourself that *everyone* who doesn’t like your work is just a “talentless hater”, plenty probably are. But to cast aside all criticism because you’re the popular kid today is catastrophically short sighted, and will preclude you from any further development of skill.

    Also, a note: If the point of posting this video was to gain visibility as a creative professional, you’re going to have to get used to handling criticism with more grace and tact than you have here. Letting your advocates get down in the mud on your behalf is always the more pragmatic decision.

  • Luovahulluus

    I’m going to agree with Opie on this one. Just because someone has poured his time into something, does not make the thing a masterpiece nor protected against critique. As an artist you can either agree or disagree with the critique, but critique is still necessary for personal improvement. It makes you think about your work from a different perspective. Just because you have some fancy gear and a lot of time to spend on a project, does not make you a great artist.

    Kill your darlings. That’s what they used to tell us at the design university I studied at. Sometimes you get an idea (your darling) that at first seems like a good one, like “let’s use really cheesy music so we don’t offend anyone” or “let’s use tilt shift objective everywhere to make the video look even a little original” or “let’s use hdr to make the boring buildings look really colorful”. Sometimes your ideas are just not that good. You need to kill them off and return to the planning phase.

  • ErieT30

    poo poo on the critics. I enjoyed it and appreciate the effort and ARTISTIC VIEWPOINT

  • richard coughlan

    Why are so many people dissing the HDR on this? Do you understand the premise behind HDR? There isnt a law that says the hdr must look real? – it can look overblown and crazy and artistic if the photographer wants it too. Thats obviously what he/she was aiming for. That’s why there was some standard clips and some hdr clips – to show the difference in style. I actually think the hdr clips were more interesting than the standard clips. We see the world everyday in a standard way – isnt it a little more interesting to see a little more depth now and again? Then again your all a little shallow so probably not…..