Photoshopped Portraits Paint a Creepy and Cuddly Picture of Infamous World Leaders


What happens when you use a generous dose of juxtaposition in combination with some digital retouching skills? You end up with a rather humorous series of images that show the softer side of some of the most infamous men to ever walk this Earth.

Titled “celebrity” and created by Chunlong Sun, this collection depicts five of the most infamous world leaders from recent history, all of them holding stuffed animal. From Fidel Castro to Muammar Gaddafi, Sun used look-alike stand-ins and used some impressive post-production to achieve the desired results.

Take a look at the remaining images below, including the rather impressive comparison between the stand-ins and their less friendly counterparts:

(via Visual News)

Image credits: Photographs by Chunlong Sun

  • Vanja Jimmy Ivosevic

    once photography was all about what it shows and what message it sends to the viewer. both site and you are practically saying that it’s all about technicality? this is political theme that photographer chose, so any criticism on the topic should be allowed. or we should all say “wow, nice skills, awesome”.is that what photography is all about?

  • Martin Francis

    Witty, though surely no satirical group portrait of dictators is complete without Mao Tse-tung?

  • Eduardo Regueiro

    Wow!!! 5 devils with a teddy bear…so sweet

  • Sam Adelz

    that takes alot of skill …. amazing work ~~ looks so real

  • Omar Salgado

    And without genocides from US, Latam, Europe, etc. Let’s get it right.

  • Leo Sparrow

    The question is , who created this dictators and how they got the power … no political view but I think Americans are behind , I would like to see a pictures of the last 4 presidents of America , It will be very funny!!!

  • Fabricio Contreras

    So, are these “World leaders infamous” by the US government?… “most infamous men to ever walk this Earth” Chávez?.. This most be a joke by petapixel

  • Fabricio Contreras

    …or killing them in wars by oil or assaulting countries like Venezuela, Irak or Libia