Random Request From Stranger Turns Into Hilarious Photoshop Free-for-All


Be careful what you wish for, the saying goes, because you might get way more than you bargained for. Julia Kuzmenko, talented photographer and founder of Retouching Academy, is quite used to coming across Facebook messages from random people, but it’s not often she receives requests from complete strangers to retouch a photograph.

So, what did she decide to do with the image? Why, she let it go on Retouching Academy site and let fellow Photoshoppers go at it. As she explains on Retouching Academy:

Needless to say, that’s not how I spend my time (retouching snapshots for strangers at no charge), and normally I would disregard this message, but this time (thanks to the Retouching Academy team members, and specifically to Jaron), I took a moment to share the source file in our RA Community Group.

To say the resulting images are funny would be downplaying it a bit. Below you can see a collection of masterpieces the RA community came up with:

By John Paul Zampetti

By John Paul Zampetti

by Jemma A

by Jemma A

by Christina Kaykova

by Christina Kaykova

by Fernando José Contreras

by Fernando José Contreras

by Courtney Dailey Croll

by Courtney Dailey Croll

by Simon Jenkins

by Simon Jenkins

by John Paul Zampetti

by John Paul Zampetti

by Akshay Sawant

by Akshay Sawant

There are plenty more over on the Retouching Academy post if you’d like some more funny, but we tried to pull some of the best for you.

Oh, also, if you’re wondering how the OP felt upon seeing the collection of work, none of which satisfied his initial request, you’re in luck. Below was his response to Kuzmenko.


You should most definitely be a bit more careful next time, sir. Just be thankful it wasn’t Reddit… or worse, 4Chan. Kudos to him for being a great sport though!

(via Fstoppers)

Image credits: Images courtesy of Retouching Academy and its readers, and used with permission


    This is NEWS now?

  • anon has a ton of these

  • Guest

    So another professional photojockey turns out to be a smartass. No news there. Besides, retouching will soon be illegal anyway.

  • DLCade

    Yes. Any other questions we can answer for you?

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    Oh man, 4chan usually has the best ones, though!

  • BenHillPhoto

    Doesn’t mean we’ll stop doing it.

  • Kankoku

    Pretty sure this is a BLOG. And even NEWS sites have lighthearted articles from time to time. Stick out of butt now.

  • Andy Austin

    You take your internets very seriously don’t you?

  • Julia Kuzmenko McKim

    Lighten up, it’ll make your days brighter! :)

  • Renato Murakami

    Vipper Challenge on Petapixel?

  • TongBlack

    Welcome to the internet. You must be new here.

  • Paige

    This is a photography related web site… not a hard news web site. It’s
    not the lead story on CNN, it’s Petapixel. Sometimes silly, lighthearted, and to
    be honest I’d really prefer to see this on my facebook feed than some
    horrible or sad breaking news. Last year on this day (of the Boston
    Marathon) there was an absolute tragedy, and that was the story on my
    news feed… and it was a very, very sad day, and all of our thoughts
    and prayers were going out to the people involved. In contrast – thankfully the marathon went well today.
    Hopefully we will have the opportunity to read many heartwarming and
    inspirational stories about those who ran in the race today.

    So, in an effort to put things in perspective, I would certainly take having a
    silly, lighthearted Petapixel photo story on my newsfeed any day, as
    opposed to something tragic happening.

    Sometimes it’s fun to see these types of stories – particularly on a *photography* related blog or site, where it is completely relevant.

    It also serves as a friendly reminder that being an artist doesn’t mean
    the work is done for free. Assuming the information is accurate in the
    story, it seems this person asked for his photo to be edited/retouched
    for free. There is certainly a difference between doing a favor for
    someone, and expecting a complete stranger to just do something for
    free. Just like you wouldn’t go to the hair salon and say you were there to get a free haircut, right? ;-)

  • Rob S

    I have to assume you were forced to read this others I don’t understand the anger at something you choose to read……

  • Jake

    More photo projects on The Homeless and lens comparison charts for you, then?

  • Richard Lurie

    Wait, what?

  • Rick Scheibner

    No question, this was pretty funny. I’m glad he got a laugh out of it and learned something. Kind of like the Saturday morning cartoons we had when I was a kid.

  • dan110024

    This has nothing on the ones that 4chan put out. I think my expectations from 4chan edits are too high that I don’t see any of these funny.

  • John P

    PetaPixel — why don’t you get the details of this kid’s story? Let us know if after you do all this is still hilarious.

  • Jim MacKenzie

    How about this? lol


    Yeah, has your Pitbull eaten any toddlers yet?

  • MattSuibhne

    Is it just me, or does Julia sound really arrogant. We get it, we get it. You’re an awesome pro photog.

    “Needless to say, that’s not how I spend my time (retouching snapshots for strangers at no charge)”

  • George Johnson

    The story is generally amusing, “what you wish for…” and all that, but I can’t say I find any of the images laugh out loud funny.

  • Albin Roussel

    this is hilarious, thank you! :)

  • Stitch

    Ironically, you have to read something first in order to decide whether it’s worth reading or not.

  • J

    This is not funny. English is obviously not the guy’s first language, so that’s why the request looks weird.

  • Dee

    The title and the picture are more than enough to decide.

  • Jaron Schneider

    Is that how you spend your free time?

  • Jaron Schneider

    I’m really glad the guy was such a good sport. He genuinely thought these were hilarious.

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  • MattSuibhne

    Sometimes. Photoshop battles on reddit is a blast.

  • Csmeron

    They do, don’t they. Hey I follow you on instagram :D

  • Andy Austin

    Ha small world. What’s your instagram?

  • Csmeron

    It’s cameron_vuleta . By the way I really like your pictures, very talented!

  • Csmeron

    It’s cameron_vuleta . By the way I really like your pictures, very talented!

  • John P

    Thanks for ensuring us he is completely and utterly happy with his unintentional worldwide ridicule and becoming an internet meme. Glad you cleared that up for us fstoppers editor dude.

  • Derek Ritchie