Band Responds to Copyright Controversy, Believes All Digital Art Should be Free

The original Facebook post that started the whole debacle.

The original Facebook post that started the whole debacle.

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has responded to the copyright controversy we told you about earlier today… sort of. We didn’t receive a response directly from them, but because of the massive amount of attention the story has gotten both here and on Reddit, the band posted an interesting response to their Facebook.

In case you haven’t read the original article, the controversy revolves around a photo by Australian photographer Rohan Anderson that the band posted to Facebook without permission. The issue wasn’t so much the use, however, as the way they handled the situation when he asked that the photo be taken down or they pay for it.


The situation eventually figured itself out (after enough bad press) but in defense of their move the band is claiming through Facebook that they believe ALL forms of digital art should be free and they will therefore be giving away their whole discography for free on July 4th:


We’re not sure how the artistic community will respond to this — photographers can’t make money on tour and the date of the sale makes one wonder if this wasn’t a pre-planned event that would have happened whether or not the entire battle with Anderson had taken place — but it’s an interesting move to say the least.

What do you think of this development? Let us know in the comments down below and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information rolls in.

Update: The band has updated its Facebook post to read “most forms of digital art” rather than “all forms”:


  • Jim Macias

    It isn’t.

  • YetAnotherMatt

    What?! You’re kidding, right?
    Allen’s comment is 100% factual, and clear as crystal. That you or OtterMatt jumped to conclusions as to *why* he said it, without nearly enough information to go on, is not “Allen’s problem” at all.
    God it $hits me when people have no self-responsibility.

  • sallysue

    Most people agree and think that anything digital is free. I’m not sure where the entitlement mentality comes from. The value is in the creation of the digital file and that is exactly what should be paid for. It’s no different than going into a store and just taking something without paying.

  • tnmd

    I believe OtterMatt fired first shots by insinuating Allen’s a “toolbag”, which is rather dickish. He admitted to misinterpreting Allen’s original comment (which I found to be quite clear) and apologized. Good on him. You also seem to have misinterpreted the original comment but rather attack/blame Allen than admit that you had trouble understanding.

  • Aaron Lingenfelter

    The band backpedaled well. But they should still pay the dude for usage. This has gotten them more press than they’ve ever had.

  • jtan163

    Who cares what the band “believes”.
    The law says pay the rights holder and buy a license.
    So pay the rights holder and buy a license.
    Ass holes.
    I believe cars and drugs should be free – I think I might borrow Red Arsehole Jumpsuiits’…
    Hard to believe they haven’t got a label, with flacks and a lawyer or two to guide them.

  • Lemon

    Listening to their music, free sounds about right.

  • Passionkiller

    This culture of self entitlement is obnoxious. Like turkeys voting for Christmas, on they march with the charge that everything ( they want ) must be free of charge. No wonder most bands don’t have the money to live on never mind record in a studio.
    I suppose they will load up with petrol for their car free of charge..after all “the man”| has too much money

    People who wish to make a living from their Art should be “Entitled to”

  • Bolshevism Lives

    Never heard of these orange jumpsuit candidates (hey, new band name?) but they obviously have a high opinion of themselves. That dude holding the musical instrument obviously thinks that some scraggly facial hair and of course the obligatory skin ink make him some kind of rock god. Who knows maybe their music isn’t completely forgettable. What’s clearly excellent is Rohan’s skill and artistry as a photographer.

  • Bolshevism Lives

    I’d pay money for that photographer’s work before I bother take any of their free shyte.

  • Em

    Never heard of this band. Probably HAVE to give away their music because they know nobody would spend their hard earned money on it!

  • Bolshevism Lives

    I’m gonna give their music a big MEH. Their attitude about other people’s professionalism is so unprofessional and immature and annoying that I can’t imagine their music is any good. I can hear the suckiness of it already. I mean, there’s a good chance I’ve made more as a musician than any of them ever will. I know the demeanor of world class artists. These jokers are probably so full of themselves in general that even in the rehearsal studio by themselves they can’t be honest enough about how much they suck to actually address the suckiness and overcome it. Anyone who’s any good at any art form is respectful of the work others do to create and live.

  • VSB

    It they want to give away their stuff they can knock themselves out. It does not excuse copyright infringement of the image nor the derisive way they dealt with the photographer’s takedown request. Arrogant jerks! “All art should be free” – how convenient!

  • Rob White

    Best thing to do if you are concerned with any work getting stolen is to pay the 25$ to the library of congress and get a batch of images ( like 400 )registered with the copyright office, it gives you more of a legal higher ground of things are stolen. Yes technically your work is copyrighted, but if it is in the vaults in D.C you are backed by federal guide lines

  • Joseph Powell

    What you believe is irrelevant. Ask nicely and then sue. Whether or not the band profited from the spectacle is irrelevant. Sue them. You can and you’ll win.
    Want to try? I’m here all day long. lol. I just finished one. Want to avoid a lawsuit? So do I. Just do what I tell you to do with my images.

    There are TONS of sleazy copyright infringement attorneys out there. Find one and if you don’t take the image down or do whatever the photographer asks, then you’ll get sued and you’ll lose.

    Good luck with giving your album away.

  • Dave

    Does this mean all their live shows will be free now?

  • Dennis Spears

    Someone paid the band be it promoter or vendor… They got paid!

  • Guest

    I, and apparently many other perspicacious readers, understood Allen’s meaning upon first read. Methinks the problem lies with your comprehension skills.

  • Maxime Ross

    (I’m a bit late on the subject, but) If this is how they treat their fans, I am not even remotely interested in getting their entire discography…even FOR FREE. I am pretty disappointed in them.