New Sony RX200 Patent Shows an Exciting 28-100mm Equivalent f/1.8-2.8 Lens


Sony’s RX100 Mark II doesn’t need much improving, but it doesn’t look like Sony is resting on its laurels where this fantastic point-and-shoot is concerned. According to a new patent unearthed by Egami, Sony is wanting to attach a 28-100mm f/1.8-2.8 lens to the powerful pocket cam’s successor.

There’s not much in way of details, and when it comes to patents you always need to supplement the info with a good bit of salt, but it seems like a logical next step if Sony wants to make the rumored RX200 a compelling upgrade.


The current RX100/RX100 Mark II sport the same focal length, but that lens stops down all the way to f/4.9 by the time you get to 100mm. This new lens would mean a much better low-light experience even when you’re a bit further away from your subject.

And if we’ve learned anything about Sony recently, it’s that the company is taking low-light capability very seriously.

(via sonyalpharumors)

  • pedanticus the elder

    Are you SURE it’s not a 10.4-37.1mm lens?

  • dannytang

    10.4-37.1mm with a crop factor of 2.7 gives a 35mm equivalent of 28-100mm

  • yopyop

    very misleading title indeed.

  • Sean Lucky

    The lens was probably the main thing that kept my from buying the first one! Very intriguing…

  • DLCade

    Good point, we’ve changed the title to clear up any confusion.

  • Kevin Purcell

    There are 5 different variants and they’re all a bit slower than the fanboys think unless you’re greative with rounding (think f/1.9 to f/3ish) but that’s less than a stop less over a 3.6x zoom range it’s pretty good and a good general purpose range too.

    It also comes with a two stage focuser. There is a big positive lens close to the sensor and a smaller lens next out. Interesting and uncommon idea but perhaps So that’s two focuser motors.

    One other thing to note: they let the lens distortion go wild to get this lens. It’s 7% distortion at the edge of frame at the wide end of the lens. That’s a lot of correction.

    It doesn’t come without a cost. This is quite a big lens.

    Scaling from the diagram (using the type 1″ image circle of about 16mm). The lens to sensor distance is 55mm. A bit over two inches. Not too bad.

    It looks like there is room to collapse at least 13mm with perhaps another 5mm possible if you can crunch a couple of other elements together. That leaves the lens about 37mm (lets say 40mm) thick when collapsed.

    Add some more for the sensor mount/pcb/frame/LCD perhaps 5mm. Makes the camera about 45mm thick when closed. My S95 is about 29mm thick (when closed) which makes it very handy for casual use. The RX100 is about 38mm thick. Not too far off but each extra mm makes it more difficult to fit in a jeans pocket.

    The outer lens (the biggest one) is 27mm in diameter. A pretty big lens for a compact.

    It’ll be interesting if they ship this.

  • oggy

    RIDICULOUS! This should have been the M2!!!!

  • bdkbaz

    You can’t use the crop factor on the focal length without using it also on the Aperature. This is not a 1.8-2.8 lens. It is actually a 4.86 – 7.56 lens. Very misleading if you want to use 35mm terms for half the picture and not the other half.

  • vvv

    Of course Sony RX100 needs no improving. Especially when you don’t use it but just read the spec.
    Such a horrible lens, just to achieve that thickness… I see nothing changes with RX200.