Gizmodo Puts Six Different Action Cameras Through a Thorough Review


When it comes to choosing an action cam to film your daring, crazy and possibly stupid adrenaline–fueled endeavors, there is no shortage of options. To help you make a more informed decision based on your needs and performance of the cameras, Gizmodo has tested six different action cameras, quite literally putting them head-to-head.

Using what I can only describe as a monstrosity of a helmet-mounted rig, Brent Rose took a quick dip in the ocean and a speedy trail ride down the mountains of Santa Monica to gather some useful test footage. The cameras tested were, in no particular order: The Ion Air Pro 3, the Garmin VIRB Elite, the GoPro Hero 3+ Black, the JVC Adixxion GC-XA2, the Sony Action Cam 2 (HDR-AS30V) and the Drift Ghost-S.

Head on over to Gizmodo’s for a full breakdown and review of each camera, and to find out which of the six cams came out on top.

The Best Action Camera: Spring 2014 Edition [via Gizmodo]

  • Branden Hughes

    Can someone explain to me then why the Sony looks so much better than the GoPro particularly in low light and has the Carl Ziess lens on it??

  • OtterMatt

    To be honest, I think this was a bit obvious. Just ask yourself, which camera is ESPN attaching to everything in extreme sports promos, and is also being used to shoot feature film productions? The GoPro? Alright then, that one’s the best.

  • Steve Wilson

    “It’s also terrific in low-light” . Are they joking? The GP3+ is anything but “terrific in low-light”. In fact, it’s borderline unusable for anything serious.