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First Sample Footage of the GoPro HERO4’s Upcoming 240FPS High-Def Slow Motion


GoPro is planning to release some firmware updates in February 2015 that will add new features to its HERO4 Black and Silver cameras. One of them in particular is 240FPS recording at 720p in the HERO4 Black, allowing the camera to shoot high definition and slow motion at the same time.

Brent Rose over at Gizmodo got his hands on the firmware update for an advanced look, and shot the sample video above at the 2015 Winter X Games. The footage was captured at 240fps and then played back at 24fps.

“Basically, if you have one of these cameras, you’re going to be psyched,” Rose writes. “In general, the action is extremely smooth. Even with my shaky hand and out-of-practice-feets, I look pretty good when you slow me down that much! […] this update gives the reigning king of the hill a few more jewels for its crown.”

His one gripe was that the slow-motion recording has a narrow field of view of roughly 65 degrees. While it’s fine for pointing the camera away from you, it makes things trickier if you’d like to point it at yourself for action selfie footage.