GIF Shows Just How Much Composition Can Go Into a Single Advert


We all know how much time and effort is put into photo compositions, but the process by which the above image was created is even more mind-blowing when it’s compiled into the GIF you see below.

Created by Ukranian photo studio Positive Pictures, the resulting image was used as an ad for Volia Cable. From looking at the GIF, it looks like there were well over a dozen separate images used, each meticulously placed and pieced together to create the final, seamless product:

The GIF recently went viral on Reddit, and as the folks there discussed at length, learning how to properly adjust the lighting, tweak the curves and beyond is something only time and practice can perfect.

Clearly the folks at Positive Pictures have put in a LOT of time and practice… because the end results are astounding.

(via Reddit via Gizmodo)

Image credits: Composition and GIF courtesy of Positive Pictures

  • rodrigounda

    been there, done that… :)

  • yin

    Prove it

  • rodrigounda

    sure, i’ll look for my stuff

  • Alan Klughammer

    So there are a number of steps in making a composite? Next we will find out that some photographs take hours to get just right…

  • Keiran Blackwell

    I know little of compositing work, and found this quite revealing. It’s a simple and elegant way to introduce the kind of layers that much compositing work takes and I really enjoyed it.

    But to use your mode of conversation:

    “So there’re rude people on the internet? Next you’ll be telling me they speak in passive aggressive one-liners who hate on what others care about.”

  • Kurt Langer

    Thats really pretty cool.

  • MikeAlgar42

    Great response. Whilst sometimes Petapixel articles are annoyingly worded, they span a wide variety of Professional, Amateur and General Interest. People will always fine cause for complaint.

    I’ve also never attempt a composite like this before because I simply didn’t know that this many elements are combined.

  • vonrock

    Where’s the popcorn ? I Love getting petapixel everyday !

  • Oj0

    Colour me impressed.

  • AlexMay

    Jeez, just shoot the panda and the kid in a forest on a sofa. One shot. Done. Just like the old days.

  • David Vaughn

    Actually, I imagine there was a lot of darkroom magic being done to images in the old days as well.

  • Alan Klughammer

    I guess I came off a bit half cocked. I assumed that everyone knew the kind of work that went into advertising. My bad.
    FWIW one of my first attempts in photoshop (version 3 circa 1995)

  • CurrentCo

    Hire photo crew, production crew, animal crew, rentals, catering and/or travel guides, purchase plane tickets and travel accommodations for all crews. rely on visas, not getting robbed, and tons of other mishaps going smoothly. hire retouch-er for final image.
    your cost = $$$$$$$

    Hire composite artist, buy stock images, shoot a few elements in a local studio with company photog/equipment. Throw in graphic designer and other misc expenses.
    your cost = $$$

    which would you choose?

  • bert

    nicely done.

  • Brandon H

    You clearly do not know the extensive history behind photo manipulation.

  • AlexMay

    I’m a retoucher, it was a joke :)

  • CurrentCo

    haha, I realized it might have been after I posted that. cheers!