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Google’s New Keyboard for iOS Has Image and GIF Search Built-In



Google is giving iOS users a treat today with the GBoard: a custom keyboard for iOS that builds image and gif searching right into your keyboard. No need to switch apps, copy, switch back, and paste that cool tutorial, PetaPixel link, or inspirational photo into your conversation… no need to leave the convo at all.

The GBoard looks like the standard iOS keyboard, except it has a big fat Google G in the top left. Click that, and it opens up a search field with two more tabs for image search and GIF search.

From that menu you can find and insert any link, photo, video, emoji, or gif into whatever messaging or email or chat app you happen to be in. You can even send business info and flight times, although that’s less relevant to us photo types.

Check out the video below to see how it works:

To find out more about the GBoard, head over to the Google Blog. Or just give it a shot by downloading it for free off the iTunes App Store here.

(via Engadget)