Hotel Makes Creative Use of Stop-Motion in Funny ‘Swan Song’ Ad

The citizenM Hotel in Times Square needed a creative way to show potential guests that they were doing away with some of the more luxurious and useless hotel niceties in order to keep prices at as low as possible. So, the question becomes: how do you show people that they won’t be paying extra for hoity-toity extras like towel swans?

The stop motion ‘Swan Song‘ above answers that question in brutal fashion. Put together by Oscar nominated US filmmaker PES, the ad is “a satirical swipe at hotels with tasteless decor, pointless services and hotel clichés in general.”

You can read more about the whole production on citizenMag, but apparently this 47-second clip took “hundreds of painstaking hours” to create. What do you think? Worth the effort?

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Maay

    the ending made me laugh ^^

    So I’d say it was worth the effort

  • SeoulFoodNinja

    We’re gonna need a bigger bed!

  • Renato Murakami

    Pretty funny as a separate video piece, but as an ad campaign, the only thing it’s telling me is that CitizenM’s service is probably worse than “hotels with tasteless decor, pointless services and hotel clichés in general”.
    There should be something in there to point out how CitizenM’s services are better in comparison. Not seeing it.
    When you are trying to offend a category for tasteless decor, pointless services and hotel clichés, you better prove what you are doing to make it better… if not, it’s just pointless trolling.