Leaked Photo of Rumored Leica T Type 107 Mirrorless Camera Appears Online


The rumored, 4K capable Sony A7s that we’re supposed to see for the first time tomorrow evening isn’t the only mirrorless camera set to drop in April. The Leica/Panasonic partnership is also working on a mirrorless shooter — the long-rumored Leica T Type 107 — and we just got to see our first picture of it thanks to the folks at Leica Rumors.

In addition to the photo, which you can see above, leaks include that this will not be based on a current Panasonic model and will launch with an APS-C sensor, touchscreen LCD, built-in WiFi, optional EVF and an adapter that will let you use Leica M glass.

According to LR, the camera and lens kit will cost $3,000 and should be announced officially April 24th.

(via Photo Rumors)

  • hemburto

    …and the world sighs.

  • Nofan

    And again, Leica fails to understand the market. $3000 for a crop sensor with an optional EVF. But then again, I have no idea who can afford their cameras to keep them in business.

  • Mike

    Make the body gold plated, that will sell!

  • fahrertuer

    Looks like a Samsung NX200 to me

  • Dirk Moeller

    My A7r is a great addition to my M9. Why should I shell out 1k more for less camera?

  • rfshooter

    If the sensor and microlenses are optimised for RF lenses it will probably be welcomed by owners of M-mount and LTM-mount glass.

  • meh


  • meh²

    Not just them, everyone who has some money that they REALLY don’t have any use for…

  • Seika

    Those who have the money will buy the M, not a Model T

  • Zos Xavius

    rich people mostly. their lenses are almost worth having to use rangefinder as well. if only they made lenses for something other than M and m4/3.

  • Toby Hawkins

    So it’s a Panasonic camera in a not-very-ergonomic-looking Leica branded shell. If history is anything to go by (and I’m sure it will be), this will under perform compared to the competition and cost x3 as much; thus undermining further a century of Leica heritage.

    To Leica & Hassleblad,
    There’s only so much overpriced crap you can peddle on your name alone until your name stops meaning anything. Please stop.

  • Andrew McDonald

    Meh. I’d be more excited by anything from Fuji.