Screen Printed Posters Bring the Beautiful Branding of Analogue Film to Your Walls


After his first successful Kickstarter, Jerome Daksiewicz is back at it again. This time around he’s working to create a neat collection of screen-printed posters based on the boxes and containers of film stocks past and present.

With the goal of celebrating the forethought, dedication and technique of analogue photography, Daksiewicz has chosen to use screen-printing as the method of creating these posters. The way he sees it, screen-printing mirrors the authenticity and deliberate nature of analogue photography, making it the best possible medium for this project.


Coming in at 11″x14″, these beauties will be made on 100# paper from the French Paper Company in Niles, Michigan and the screen printing itself will be done by VGKids in Ypsillanti, Michigan (pronounced Ip-sill-ant-ee).

Speaking from a fair amount of experience with print design, this is some extremely high-quality parchment from a well-respected paper company. And even though I can’t speak on behalf of the printer, Daksiewicz has used them for some of his previous products/projects and the results look great.


Each print will to be stamped and signed on the back before being rolled into a heavy-duty shipping tube and sent your way.

As with every print you make in the lab with analogue film, the screen printing process varies slightly with each poster, so the final colors of the prints will vary slightly and each will have their own minute imperfections, truly making them one-of-a-kind.

The designs he chose to recreate were based on companies that have since been closed, with the exception being Ilford, who kindly gave him explicit permission to use their namesake and visual likeness for this series. For those wanting specifics, the remaining companies whose branding he used are Ansco, Efke, Maco, Orwo, Perutz and Svema.


Being we’re the first to get a write-up out about Daksiewicz’ latest Kickstarter campaign, there are still posters available at the early-bird special price of $20. Once the remaining 13 early-bird pledge spots are filled, you’ll be able to pick up a single poster for $30 USD, with increasing pledge levels giving you further discounts per poster.

I’ve already secured three for myself to hang in my new apartment and I suggest you head on over there and do the same to help put this campaign over its goal. We can’t think of a much better way to show your love for analogue film photography and cover some of that empty space on your wall than to hang up a beautifully designed, hand-made screen print of the gorgeous branding.

(via Kickstarter)

  • Sid Ceaser

    Flippin’ gorgeous. Now to figure out which one (or multiple) I want!

  • Kazuo Teramoto

    “Ilford Delta Professional is the only film in this project still currently produced.”

    Uhh, I don’t see any Delta poster but two currently products HP5+ and SFX 200.

    The Ilford links to the site of “ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH” that don’t have anything to do with “HARMAN technology Limited” and the kickstarter is using text from ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH.

  • Christopher Moore

    Where’s my Kodachrome poster?!

  • Gannon Burgett

    As stated in the Kickstarter page and hit on in the article, he tried to go for companies who are no longer in business, as to not deal with permission issues. He did manage to get Ilford to comply, but I have a feeling Kodak and Fuji might not be so obliging. That being said, I don’t know for sure whether or not he even attempted to reach out to the.

  • Luca


  • dada

    off-set would be a better suite, as probably all of the packaging were done on off-set print

  • CurrentCo

    This is great and I love it. I would buy it, but what I really want is a massive 40×30 or even 50×70 of this to hang up on my wall.

  • NOMO Design

    Thanks for the notice Kazuo. Initially I had proposed to Ilford a print of the Delta pro, and the text incorrectly reflected that. In the end, together with Ilford, we decided to go with HP5, SFX and the vintage HP3.

  • broxibear

    ” Analogue Film” ?…don’t you mean film ?
    Some of the graphic design and typography is beautiful.