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Video: Why Some Photographers ‘Can’t Stop Shooting Film’


In terms of marketshare, it’s rather obvious digital photography has the upper hand. Whether it’s convenience or other reasons, digital seems to make sense for many for its flexibility across the board. But, despite vast advantages of a digital workflow, there are those still dedicated to analogue photography.

In an attempt to understand why it is some photographers are dedicated to film, wedding photographer and filmmaker Amrit Vatsa took a look into the art form that is analogue photography.


In the above video, a 3-Minute Stories piece, film photographer Edson Dias (pictured above) what it is about film photography that captures his heart. Alongside footage captured at Goa-CAP, short for Centre for Alternate Photography, Vatsa’s voice narrates his thoughts on why it is some photographers “Can’t Stop Shooting Film.”


While not everyone will agree with the points made in the short video, he brings up a rather solid comparison, likening photography to painting, noting the differences between those who do something for convenience or business purposes and those who do something as a visual means of telling their story.

At, well, 3-minutes long, it’s a quick watch well worth your time, whether you’re an analogue, digital or hybrid photographer. If you’d like to keep up with Vatsa, you can check out his work over on his website, Shaadigrapher.

(via The Phoblographer)