Sigma’s Official Dealer in Belarus Says the 50mm f/1.4 Art Lens Will Only Cost $790!


Rumors regarding the much-anticipated Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art lens have been coming in hard and fast. Touted by Sigma itself as a ZEISS Otus competitor, people are not just interested in seeing if it can perform on that level, but in how much that kind of performance will cost. If it’s far enough below the Otus’ substantial $4K price tag it’s safe to say it will fly off shelves.

So far all we’ve had is estimates and speculation, but today, Sigma’s official dealer in Belarus,, has actually posted a price. We still recommend you take this with a grain of salt, but the price posted by Sigma Bielorussia is an insanely affordable $790! Read it for yourself on the Sigma Bielorrusia page here (translated here).

We have no more info than that, but keep checking back and we’ll be sure to update you just as soon as official pricing and availability are announced.

(via Sigma Rumors via sonyalpharumors)

  • Panchoskywalker

    That’s an excellent price.

  • Sum_it

    Price is along the lines of what I expected. But to be honest, if the IQ lives up to the hype, I will gladly pay a few hundred more!

  • RMJ

    that’s pretty sweet price assuming it keeps up with the expectations

  • Kyle Clements

    “if the IQ lives up to the hype, I will gladly pay a few hundred more!”

    Shhhh! Don’t tell them that! They might listen and raise it! I want one of these, too, and I’m poor!

  • PTBridgeport

    I’d buy it quick before Belarus gets “absorbed” into the Soviet Union, sorry I might Russia.

  • Stephen

    I am skeptical this new and vaunted 50mm will be sold cheaper than Sigma’s 35mm 1.4 Art. It’s possible, obviously, but I’m pretty skeptical.

    My personal, picked-from-the-ether guess would be closer to $1,000. I am hopeful the price will be below that, and I would be surprised if it exceeds $1,250. But lower than $800? Ehh.

  • Sum_it

    Hey Sigma, $790 is a very fair price! That’s the MOST I’d pay for it! ;)

  • Kyle Clements

    That’s the spirit!


  • Bob

    “Insanely affordable” … right. At 4x the cost of a the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AF-S, “insanity” is definitely going on here. Is it really going to be 4x better?

  • Bob

    Traditionally 50mm lenses have been priced cheaper than 35mm lenses, all else equal (max aperture, manufacturer, etc.)

  • Stephen

    That’s fair. And this lens is replacing one that typically sold for $400, so there’s some logic to wondering how high Sigma can suddenly raise its 50mm price point, irrespective of this being a totally new lens. Still…Sigma is bending over backward to raise expectations and hype on this lens. I’m expecting a higher price tag would come along.

  • Sum_it

    Much to learn, you have.

  • stefan

    Am I missing something? I can pick up a Nikon 50 1.4 for $350-$380

    What am I paying over twice the price for? The word ART.

  • ettventer

    If you even compare Sigma’s OLD 50mm 1.4 to Nikon’s 50 1.4, you’ll already stop asking that question.

  • stefan

    Why is everyone talking in riddles rather than answering the question, “you have much to learn, if you compare this then you’ll stop talking.”

    Can anyone just answer why it costs so much?

  • Bob

    Condescending, you are. I understand diminishing marginal returns, so OK, it’s a non-linear relationship and a 4x increase in cost won’t yield a 4x improvement in sharpness, abberations, etc. I get it. But still. $790 for a 50mm f/1.4 is crazy high. You are paying a large amount of marginal dollars for a small marginal improvement in image quality and light gathering (2/3 stop vs. a 1.8 lens). I guess I just don’t see the value. Maybe you’ve got a trust fund or something.

  • ettventer

    Use the Nikon, then use the Sigma, and you’ll see why the price is so much higher.

    I used to own the 50mm 1.8D. I then spent some time with the 1.4 (the nikon) and didn’t really see the need for the extra cash. Then I did some research and found the Sigma 1.4 to be a great lens (apparently), and ended up buying it. The Sigma was more expensive that Nikon’s 1.4, but it’s also a better lens. Sharper at 1.4, creamier bokeh, etc. Made it worth the extra money.

    Now, looking at how absolutely incredible Sigma’s 35 1.4 is, I can only imagine this new 50mm of theirs.

    Is that answer enough?

  • stefan

    perfect, thank you :)

  • David Liang

    That’s a false equivalency. Compare the price and performance to Canikon’s 50mm 1.4 to be fair, or does it negate you’re entire argument. In fact if you’re sticking to comparing the price/value proposition of a 50mm 1.4 and 50mm 1.8 why not compare Canikon’s own models to each other?

  • David Liang

    It’s fair to say you don’t see the value. But where do you come off bashing someone who does, because you feel left out? Quite an exaggeration to imply only someone who is wealthy with a trust fund would find the lens of value.

  • Rob S

    Suggestion – buy the other one. If you dont think its worth $400 for 2/3s of a stop, dont buy one.

  • sum_it

    50mm is an ideal focal length for many applications (and one of my personal favorite). Most people value 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm due to their usefulness in many situations. Having a great prime lens (optical and built quality) is obviously highly preferable, especially for working professionals. Canon’s 50mm 1.2L is a great leans by most accounts and costs ~$1500USD. A zeiss 50mm would probably be priced within that range.

    Sigma claims that their new 50mm isn’t shooting for the quality of a canon/nikon premium 50mm. In fact, they’re reaching for the Otus 55mm. The otus is a relatively new lens that is considered to be the best full-frame 50mm but costs $4000. Some sample test shots were released earlier (assuming they’re true), and the sigma seems to hold quite well when compared to the otus. It also blows the canon/nikon out of the water.

    Knowing that: a 50mm sigma that approaches otus quality at a price point of $790 would be spectacular!

  • sum_it

    Not a trust fund baby at all. In fact, quite the opposite. I came from a third world country with nothing to my name. I’ve worked very hard and am now living comfortably practicing medicine. I did photography as a student to fund my hobby and other financial obligations.

    At any rate, regarding your point: Yes, it is a non-linear relationship; its more curvilinear, actually. So yes, 4x increase in cost will not yield 4x improvement in quality. That being said, there is a reason why 55mm 1.4 Otus exists in the market with a price tag of $4000. Simply put, some people greatly appreciate the better quality in sharpness, built quality, chromatic aberrations correction etc etc of the Otus when compared to the nifty fifty.

    Perhaps the proposed sigma 50mm isn’t marketed towards your needs? If you cannot justify the price based on the lens’ offerings, don’t buy it. It is safe to say, an overwhelming majority of photographers are welcoming Sigma’s new art series for their quality and value. If its anything like the Art 35mm, the 50mm will be a great success and it will have earned a permanent position on my camera bag.

  • bob cooley

    Sorry – ignore this – quoted price for wrong lens – darn google…

  • Stephen

    I guess there’s a built-in range of softness in the definition of what does or doesn’t “approach” Otus quality, but I would be surprised if anybody seriously thinks that Sigma can rival Zeiss at less than one-quarter the cost. Zeiss doesn’t have a reputation for ridiculous markups (coughcoughLeica).

    Also, keep in mind Zeiss’s whole spiel is that the Otus outpaces most of today’s digital cameras. The real comparison between Sigma’s Art 50mm and the Otus will be which lens is performing better on the 5D MkV or whatever body we’re all using in five or ten years.

  • sum_it

    That is the million dollar question to be answered in due time. Excited to see the lens come out in the market.

  • TSY87

    well said.

  • Sam D

    I find this an interesting perspective. I often like to counter comments and ideas like this with a different analogy.

    Take drag racing for example, to make a vehicle run a 15s 1/4 Mile it would take you for round numbers lets say $1000.00 in performance upgrades on a stock vehicle.

    Now to run a 10s 1/4 mile with the same vehicle it is going to cost you $5,000 lets say in performance upgrades.

    Now to get to a 9s 1/4 mile time you are likely going to pay $10,000, and so on so forth.

    Now I know the numbers in relation to dollar values are not to market value here but I think you get the point. There is a threshold to where you can get a big upgrade for a little amount of money, but then as you start to dial in to the last 95-100% or perfection you really start to pay for it.

    Same is true here, you aren’t going to get 400% increase dollar for dollar after that threshold. I think it important to remember that if you want the best in gear then you are going to pay for it. Millions of dollars in R&D goes into this technology and that cost is dispersed back to the consumer.

    Another thing to keep in mind that even with a $200,000.00 drag car if you don’t have the right driver in the seat of that thing it still won’t run as fast as it can. Same thing with gear, a pro photographer has the best gear but also knows how to maximize that gear, or in some situations due to scheduling, or traveling limitations they won’t have all that gear but due to their skill set they are able to still create stunning imagery based off their ability.

    Overall, sigma made a very conscious marketing move here and priced their lens as they though appropriate. Some will see it as too high, some see it as too low, my personal take is it is really good for the market for this lens to be where it is. It is forcing the other manufacturers to create higher quality optics and bring a little more game or get pushed out.

  • Genkakuzai

    If that’s the actual price, and it lives up to the hype, I’m buying it.

  • solomonshv

    My body and my credit card is ready. Release the Kraken Sigma!

  • 0Man

    I got a Sig 35 and, oh boy If this price is true! I also come from third world country but I will grab this without hesitation for that money. For anyone else, try sigma 35 and then come back.

  • Oman

    Loved it. I too cant wait!

  • khschroeder

    There’s actually a correction on the site. The official price will get known on 11th April. Check the linked site above :-)