Young Model’s Shocking Terry Richardson Story Sparks a #NoMoreTerry Boycott


Earlier this week, a 24-year-old model came forward to share her own personal Terry Richardson nightmare (Warning: Explicit content), sparking yet another boycott Terry Richardson response from outraged readers who would like major publications to stop hiring Richardson so readily.

Allegations that Richardson has done horrible things to young models are all too common. For going on a decade now, many models have come out with harrowing stories of their experiences with him while some others came out in his defense.

But the most recent straw to land on the Camel’s back — and subsequently break it — is a story that 24-year-old Charlotte Waters revealed to Vocativ this week. The details of the story are too crass, NSFW and frankly disgusting for us to share here, but suffice it to say that a 19-year-old Waters, who was doing some nude modeling to help pay the bills, was taken advantage of in horrible ways by Richardson during her one and only shoot with him.


This story has sparked another anti-Terry Richardson campaign that, if it picks up enough steam, could actually affect the photographer’s prospects.

The #nomoreterry campaign by fashion blog OMG That Dress asks that people stop buying any publication that features a spread shot by the infamous photographer:

Here’s the problem: normal people like us just don’t hire big name fashion photographers. We don’t have magazines to publish, ads to sell, or movies/singles to promote. We simply aren’t the ones who keep him in business. So, I propose instead of just making a fuss online, we put our money where our mouse is.

Terry does a spread in your magazine, we’re not gonna buy it. Terry shoots your ad campaign, we’re not gonna buy it. Terry directs your music video, we’re not gonna watch it. I call for a boycott of anyone who hires Terry Richardson. From now on, you hire him, we stop spending money on you.

Already the hashtag is catching on, with over a hundred posts featuring #nomoreterry sent out to some 300,000+ followers between March 11th and today, according to metrics by Keyhole. And even though previous campaigns against Richardson have had no lasting effect, many believe a true boycott that affects magazine sales could succeed where others have failed.

(via New York Magazine and The Daily Dot)

Image credits: Jessica Stam and Terry Richardson by CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK and terryandladies01 by Dave Tada

Update: Terry Richardson has come out to defend himself against these and other allegations, all of which he refers to as a “witch hunt.” You can read his side here.

  • Tobias W.

    It’s not just the model release. She should have objected to him touching her right away. Set ground rules. Know where her comfort zone ends and enforce it. She did neither. Instead, she followed his instructions because she trusted his aesthetics.

    I don’t think there is anything illegal about what Richardson is doing. Yes, he is exploiting young women – if they let him. It’s immoral but there is nothing you can do about it – other than warn young women not to work with him unless they’re OK with the pornography aspect of his art.

  • Blakael

    “So how did you wind up nude modeling for Terry Richardson?
    I was 19 and in art school when I decided that I wanted to start nude modeling on the side for money because I was in college and poor.

    What were you initially hoping to get out of doing a shoot with him? Did he pay you?
    I did not get paid, which makes me feel even more disgusted”


  • WKYA_Radio

    That is not the discussion at hand, and i doubt he would make so much money if how work was that terrible. He actually has a lot of great photos, at least in his particular style. Notice I’m sticking to your question.

  • Elmo

    Someone please kill this pervert so that we can all go back to talking about better photographers.

  • droops

    I meant richard kern not chris kern

  • Nate Opgenorth

    Couldn’t have said it better except I would REALLY like to emphasize that Richardson is a creep and a pervert in the truest sense (over used terms these days but he takes the cake, no pun intended) and I think he is disgusting but he is innocent of any crime. If anyone with no legal experience or whatever is ever in doubt just imagine this in a court room with a defense attorney saying “so at no point did you say no?” “Did Mr. Richardson phsysically restrain you, hold you down or threaten you if you left in any way?”, go watch Law and Order SVU, half a dozen episodes like this and even the basis of the show gives you a basic idea of what court looks like (albeit criminal and not really civil).

  • Dave Meall

    You must be the guy that everyone at work dislikes. You are on the internet where people voice their opinions and if you don’t care for it then you have the choice to not respond.

    The topic is Terry Richardson and his work being questionable and I was questioning it’s quality. Seems like I’m not the only one who feels that way too.

  • WKYA_Radio

    Whoah, sorry DAVE. Look DAVE, comments are supposed to add to the article..your meandering crap of a paragrqaph, unfortunately does not – okay DAVE.

    The article isnt about his work being questionable, ya dolt- might i suggest hooked on phonics or a beginner course in reading comprehension? Because you obviously

    No one cares about your silly billy question. He makes MILLIONS…quite possibly because his work is “questionable”.

  • Roy Stuart

    What has Richard Kern have to do with It? Was she lulled into a false sense of security and boredom?

  • Roy Stuart

    Don’t be naive, success as a photog in the ad industry
    has more to do with who you know than talent.

  • WKYA_Radio

    Your right- the informed amongst us know that. But that doesn’t speak to the point i made. (actually, my current studio lighting professor said that very same thing in the very FIRST class).

    Dear ol’ DAVE here was trying to say these comments were a about discussing our approval of Terry as a good/bad photographer. All i mentioned was that that was not actually the point of the article at all.

    As An Art director+ fellow photog, I trust my eyes- and Terry has does some really good work- regardless of how we feel about him or his current infamy.