Sony Admits the A7 and A7r Have a Light Leak Problem, Here’s a Temporary Fix


The relatively new Sony A7 and A7r are in the news again, only this time it’s not for a good reason. It seems a good number of users are experiencing light leak issues, so many that Sony has actually come out and officially admitted there is a problem and a fix is in the works.

The leaks, which become particularly apparent when shooting long exposures, seem to spring from the lens mount. The lenses aren’t sealing well enough, and as a result sample images posted to the Sony forums show an obvious ‘crescent leak’ that is particularly bad in the top right of the image.


The interesting news is that, unlike some companies in the past, Sony has readily admitted there is a problem. According to SAR, Sony responded to a user complaint by saying it “is aware of and acknowledges this light leak problem with the A7 and A7r” and that its engineering department “is currently researching a solution.”

Sony will be sure to let you know just as soon as that solution comes up, but if you’re doing long exposure photography with the A7 or A7r, there are a few DIY fixes suggested by users that should tide you over.

The obvious fix is to put gaffer’s tape around the mount, but photographer Ferrell McCollough had something easier in mind. He used hair ties instead. Just pick yourself up some black hair ties at WalMart (preferably without the metal connector) and place them around the lens mount.

The sample before and after images on McCollough’s blog show this one working pretty well, and there’s no tape involved.

(via sonyalpharumors)

  • Sandy

    I have been mystified by apparent light leaks with my Sony A7 ever since I got it. They were very severe using adapters with Hexanon legacy lenses, with lens cap on, and non-existent using the Sony kit lens, with lens cap on. The leaks improved somewhat if I used the Sony lens cap on the Hexanon lenses! So I experimented with putting a lens bag over the end of the lens, and this resulted in absolutely no light leak. So in fact I have not been having light leaks caused by camera, lens or adapter defects at all!

    This is not to contradict those who found leaks resulting from an actual camera, lens or adapter defect, just to say be sure to do a thorough test of the lens capping you are using to do tests.