Released By Love: A Behind The Scenes Look at a Unique Engagement Concept

Simeon Quarrie of Vivida is back at it again, giving us a behind the scenes look at yet another of his equal parts intricate and subtle pre-wedding (read: engagement) shoots, Released by Love.

From his conceptualization of the shoot in the form of sketches eight months in advance to the scouting of locations and outfits, Quarrie and his team really out-did themselves this time around. His laid-back demeanor in combination with his eye for the detail shines through in this behind the scenes video, showing that being in control doesn’t have to be synonymous with being demanding.


The concept behind this shoot is a rather curious narrative about setting oneself free by cutting the ties that are holding you down in life holding, the focal point being Nikesh and Lalita, a fairytale-esque couple trying to escape those ties together.

Sometimes you have to just seize the opportunity. Take who or what you want, despite the seeming restrictions from friends, family or a past that can act as an obstacle. Tied. Unavailable. Restricted. However, wanting to be released. Hence the title, “Released by Love.”

This would also have an unintentional nod toward the Coppelia story. It was in my subconscious from a performance I saw at a wedding I shot in Venice.


Quarrie continues to break the mould of standard commercial wedding photography by combining more editorial and conceptual approaches to his work, really setting himself apart. The above video is a rather lengthy watch, but it goes to show just how much work was put into this single shoot.

Below is the last of the photographs in the series, as well as a lighting setup from Quarrie, for the strobists out there who would like to try and recreate it themselves.



(via ISO 1200)

Image credits: Photographs by Simeon Quarrie and used with permission

  • derin

    gag. Can we get over the women as passive subject to be liberated by men? Because patriarchy

  • simeonquarrie

    Lol quite an interesting twist lol. Thank goodness she wasn’t black like me. That would have been a reference to slavery ;) PETA have actual published the real meaning behind the shoot

  • Adam Cross


  • Wes

    Gotta admire the technique and process, but those are some creepy-ass engagement photos. Very well executed from a technical standpoint, but it makes me think there must be some interesting ego stuff going on. I suspect we’ll be laughing at these in a few years.

  • Omar Salgado

    I thought just the same. I even imagined the boy being released by the girl. But it actually goes way beyond an engagement concept: it is the woman as an object, passive, soul-less, in need of rescue and guidance…


    It would be nice to recreate it turned upside down.

  • pkzip

    Images look like HDR done wrong.

  • cindy


  • Holigan


  • dude

    Outdated concept which supports old myths of helpless women with no identity (dolls) needing to be released by a dude. Cinderella is not a good fairy tale –

    Perhaps the bride and groom were in an arranged marriage which might make more sense, or this image is an accurate reflection of the bride and groom’s relationship.

  • Burnin Biomass

    If you love something, don’t set it free… just tie it up in the attic until it gives up.

  • rose maryawn

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    time from the internet. look at this now C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Scritch

    gross. but their friends at least would have enjoyed mocking these.

  • ajfudge

    For some reason, I feel bad for the bride. She was “chosen” by the guy but she was given no choice of her own.
    If those other “lady puppets” are supposed to represent the bridesmaids, then the implication of the images is they’re waiting to be rescued by their own groom. Until that day comes, they are helpless. Let the dick save the day.