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Behind the Scenes: Capturing Epic Pre-Wedding Photos with Sails Chong


Sails Chong of Studio NEXT-IMAGE is one of the most creative wedding and couple photographers in the world. His compositions are gorgeous and he seems to be constantly pushing the envelope. Here’s a quick peek at two of his latest pre-wedding shoots… explosions included.

We try to avoid using the word “epic” to describe a photograph or a photographer’s style since it’s so often overused, but Chong’s imagery boasts both the scale and creative flair to carry the word.

One shot in the video above, for example, involved a pretty massive real-life explosion:

But it’s not just the large-scale, flashy stuff that’s impressive. The second video shows the many different angles and images Chong captured with another couple in regular locations around Shanghai.

Some images are helped along by serious Photoshop work, but most have—at least at their core—a strong composition and creative element that is hard to ignore:

Of course, Chong’s style won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but his behind the scenes videos and the photographs he produces almost always make a splash online… and it’s easy to see why. To see more of his work, head over to Studio NEXT-IMAGE by clicking here or giving him a follow on Facebook.

(via ISO 1200)