Ricoh Unveils Pentax 1.4x Rear Converter that Maintains AF and Weather Sealing


In addition to the rugged cameras announced earlier, Ricoh also unveiled the long-awaited 1.4x rear teleconverter first mentioned at Photokina in 2008 (H/T to PopPhoto for that little tidbit). Fortunately, they seem to have done a bang up job with it, so we’ll excuse the delay.

The new teleconverter uses four elements in three groups to offer, as the name suggests, an additional 40% magnification for any K-Mount lenses you might own. But the good news only begins there.


In addition to the extra reach, Ricoh has designed the two centimeter thick “HD PENTAX DA AF 1.4X AW rear converter” in such a way as to maintain both lens and body-drive autofocus, as well as weather sealing. So run your K-3 under a faucet all you want, with or without the converter, and the camera should be just fine.

The converter is set to hit stores in March for $600 (pre-order here). For more details — including the full list of AF compatible lenses — head over to the Ricoh press room by clicking here.

  • Rob S

    I love the idea of a WR converter but $600? Really?

  • Zos Xavius

    the canon TC is $500. this one is weather sealed. if its any good it will be worth it.

  • Rob S

    Wow didn’t know that.

    One difference – Canon has big ass primes to put in front of their TC. Pentax does not. This thing is going to end up behind a lot of short lenses yet cost 50% of what you would pay for a longer lens. Bad economics.

  • Harish

    Could go with the Pentax HD 560mm