Yet More Fuji X-T1 Deets: Weather-Sealed Lens, .05-Second Shutter Lag


Will Fujifilm have anything left to say when it actually announces the X-T1 next week? Given the number and detail of the leaks we’ve seen appear ever since the company teased the camera earlier this week, we’re not entirely sure.

More details about the would-be mirrorless marvel have leaked out and should only add to the drooling among mirrorless devotees. Fuji Rumors reports, based on a “top Japanese source,” that the XF 18-135mm lens that will accompany the X-T1 will be weather-sealed and go on sale in May.


In regards to the actual camera, new info nuggets include: Startup time of .5 second, shutter lag of .05 second, shooting interval of .5 sec. and an interval timer function for time-lapse photography. Newly snagged photos also suggest the X-T1 will come with a hand strap that would accessorize nicely with your Halloween Batman costume.

All of this information is added to previous revelations that the X-T1 will feature a 16MP APS-C X-Trans II sensor, 2.36M-dot OLED electronic viewfinder with 0.005-second lag, 8 fps continuous shooting with AF tracking, 0.08-second AF speed and built-in WiFi.

Those ever-popular well-placed sources say the X-T1 will go on sale in February, priced somewhere between $1,300 and $1,800.

(via Fuji Rumors)

  • Derek

    Looks brilliant. Wonder if Fuji is rolling this thing out instead of a potential X-Pro 2 and just abandoning the hybrid viewfinder. EVFs are getting so good — and, just as important, enough photographers are getting used to them — that many people might not even miss the optical option.

  • Sterling

    I walked into a camera store last week 90% sure I’d buy an X-E2. I asked to handle one along with an Olympus E-M1, The Olympus felt perfect in my hand while the Fuji felt kind of awkward, especially with the 55-200. (I’ve never owned a rangefinder style camera so I don’t have any attachment to that design). I still liked what the Fuji had to offer but couldn’t get over the comparatively poor feel of it in my hands so I walked out empty-handed. I understand that others may love the rangefinder form factor. It’s great the Fuji offers the choice. Now, hopefully the price isn’t out of whack …

  • Alexander Sollie

    Its 0.005-second lag, not 0.05-second lag.

  • PJ Fry

    According to Fujirumors, 0.005 is the EVF lag while 0.05 is the shutter lag.

  • Stuart

    Rangefinder cameras have been most effective with shorter lenses (reasonably fast primes) and fewer accessories…. When you make things complicated, it makes more sense to go with a magnified viewfinder (optical then and EVF now). Superwides, longer telephotos and zooms just work better with a full optical finder in many situations. The Olympus OMD EM1 has not missed a shot for me yet…. Neither have the other newer cameras I use for general photography… Selection these days gets down to some very personal use issues or personal preference. I can’t wait to try the ‘X-T1′ because each model comes out with a new feature I would not have imagined that I would use; but when incorporated into the camera system…… the new features are great and open new areas of photography.

  • lord eels

    too bad it’s still a BS xtrans sensor.

  • Michael Della Polla

    Why would i want this? How does it compare to the other x series cameras?

  • ASA_98C

    Would anyone know the model of the wrist grip shown on the 2nd image of the

  • Oggie

    This what the Df should’ve been!

  • Woody ONeal

    yea, it’s complete rubbish – said no one ever.

  • Ben Jacobsen

    actually the X-A1’s bayer sensor is VERY impressive and has a bunch of the fuji users wondering if the Xtrans layout was necessary… The Xtrans is obviously good, but for less money the XA1 pumps out amazing shots at base ISOs and it’s not that noisy at all as they go up. A touch worse than the Xtrans, sure, but not bad at all. I just picked one up as a pocket camera to go with my XE2. I thought about the XM1 but for $200 body only (“used” off amazon) the XA is a steal.

  • Ben Jacobsen

    this has the best viewfinder they’ve used, the best screen (flip out), it’s weather sealed (none of the others are), it has a better grip for those that want one, it’s got more FPS (8 -vs- 6), it’s got dual card slots and it sounds like the lag and AF will be much faster here -vs- even the XE2. Basically this is like a canon 1Dx -vs- a 5Diii or a D4 -vs- the Df. The XT is faster and better in most every way, but it’s a trade off (it’s bulkier with the EVF being a SLR hump and it costs more). It shares the same sensor as the XE2 and X100s (which is very close to the XM1, XE1 and XP1, just with added AF sensors) so the IQ will be pretty similar to those.

  • Mike Burchard

    There’s no longer any reason for anyone to ever again purchase an Olympus or Panasonic m4/3 camera… unless they’re already invested in that system – but even so, they should be looking to trade up to Fuji now.

  • Reasons

    Panasonic GH3 for video shooters, Olympus EM1 for photographers who want more lenses than Fuji can offer right now, and one of each for people who shoot both stills and video and want to use the same lenses on each body (as well as other systems like Blackmagic).

  • Reasons

    …a perfect setup for a wedding photo/video business, among other things.

  • OllieOh

    … so does this mean the full-frame fuji we’ve all been waiting for isn’t coming? Sad face.

  • CamCrunch

    Fuji has invested a ton in the APS-c format. If we’re going to see a FF Fuji, its probably going to be with the successor to the X100s.

  • Joe Barnas

    That’s what i was thinking exactly, the Df but good! Fuji is the only modern company that can actually pull the ‘look’ off.

  • Mark Davidson

    The only disappointment for me is the relatively slow flash sync speed and the absence of a silent shutter. Otherwise a beauty.

  • jimmy

    Silent shuttet? You do know this thing is mirrorless and you do know, what that means?

  • Cajetan Barretto

    You need to have a look around to see what E-M1 is capable of creating. It’s not always about the sensor size.

  • John

    Can’t wait to see the FF version of this with a 100% OVF.. Will be VERY interesting!!

  • Felipe_Paredes

    thinking the same here

  • OllieOh

    Agreed. Though as much as I love my X100s, seems silly to waste the full frame on the fixed lens system instead of the fully flexible X-Pro platform. Perhaps the X-Pro2? 3? 4?

  • CamCrunch

    As prices go down on FF, I don’t see it as too much of a problem. It’s hard to imagine Fuji releasing a new lens system when their current system is still half-baked.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

  • Mike Burchard

    Yes, the e- m1 is a miracle of modern photography and “size doesn’t matter”… blah, blah, blah. If m4/3 sensors are all that great, explain why Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Fuji, Leica, and Sony have never put one in any of their cameras and never will.

  • Sterling

    Mirrorless does not mean silent. The Sony A7R is mirrorless yet one of the most commonly listed negatives is the loud shutter. Now, electronic shutters are silent.

  • Mark Davidson

    Yes Mr. Smarty-Pants. Mirrorless means no mirror, not no shutter.
    Mirrorless cameras as understood to be interchangeable mirror less cameras actually have mechanical shutters that make noise when they fire.

    Silent shutter refers to the electronic shutter actuation as implemented in some Panasonic cameras. It does not use the mechanical shutter in that mode and is thus perfectly and utterly silent. Super useful in venues requiring perfect silence.

  • Mark Davidson

    People keep flogging the FF horse. Fuji just invested a ton of money in developing a range of superb lenses at decent prices for their very interesting range of cameras that produce some of the best images around. They will be very reluctant to plow even more money into FF especially when they know all the biggest advocates will complain that FF is too expensive. They are smarter than that

  • Matt Boggs

    No, we are not wondering that if X-trans is necessary or not.

  • Matt Boggs


  • John

    So? I Still can’t wait to see a FF version with 100% OVF from Fujifilm…

  • Benny

    Do yourself a favour and check out D P Review Xe-1 review, page 20 , image comparisons raw, and look at the X-Trans next to the Om-d em-5.

  • Bob

    You will probably have to wait forever. By the time Fuji has a full lens line up for Apsc, sensor and software tech will have negated any need for full frame. Saying ‘I can’t wait to see…’ Implies that it is a certainty. What you should have written was ‘I wish they would make a FF version’

  • Cajetan Barretto

    Canon, Nikon and the others were not invited to the m4/3 party, so Nikon ended up created the more inferior CX sensor, Sony also created the more inferior 1 inch sensor, and the rest are just dying to create a viable mirrorless system. Canon just died with their EOS-M attempt. The others don’t matter.

  • Mike Burchard

    Ha ha! LMAO! That’s funny Cajetan!
    Do you do comedy and photography, or just comedy?

  • Benny

    So you didn’t look at the review comparison? The Fuji looks like a blurry camera phone shot compared to the M4/3 sensor. How are your f2.8 zooms shooting? Oh wait, Fuji don’t have fast zooms yet, well, at least you have a 75 1.8 for head shots, wait no, you don’t have that either. you should consider getting an EM1 to tide you over till the lenses arrive.

  • Mohd Pazli

    lol.. dpreview?? ..why do you need zoom lens? for more reach? 55-200 not enough reach or not fast enough for dof? fujinon got 35/23 @f1.4, 18@f2, [email protected] and even f1.2 for 56 IF you want dof.. m4/3 dof @f2.8 is just like crop sensor @f4, you know that right? xtran lowlight will smoke any m4/3 out of water, period, tested it myself in real world testing.. and did you know if you use focal reducer like speed booster or lens turbo you will get back the ff fov feel? if you use those focal reducer on m4/3 you will only get crop sensor fov lol.. the only advantage m4/3 especially em1 is speed and advance in body image stabilization.. hope fuji will come up with one.. cheers

  • Ernest Peadmont

    Everyone seems to be complaining that Fuji has missed the mark by not delivering a full frame camera and it makes me very upset. I think Fuji knows exactly what they are doing… And they know their target audience. This is going to be an excellent camera for 25-39yo males who think they are more sophisticated than the DSLR Soccer-Moms. I’m sure it will be an excellent shooting experience with that cool retro look and superb quality. And every shot you take you’ll wonder how much better it would look if the sensor was a big boy FF, and how much harder you would have had to work to step up to one.

  • Michael Della Polla

    Thanks Ben! I appreciate your comment.