New Apple Ad Touts the iPad as a Creative Powerhouse, Inspires Artists Everywhere

Say what you will about Apple — and there are many people who have a lot of not-so-nice things to say — but the company knows how to put together an ad. From the funny Mac vs. PC commercials of old to this year’s Christmas advertisement that brought many to tears, Steve Jobs vision of standing at the intersection of liberal arts and technology is often brought to life by these ads.

Apple’s newest commercial gives the iPad the same treatment — showing the gadget being used for everything from photography to filmmaking while a monologue about poetry from the movie Dead Poets Society inspires you into a creative frenzy.

Okay, fine, frenzy might be a strong word, but this ad does double duty as far as we’re concerned. On the one hand, Apple clearly believes that the iPad is a device that photographers and filmmakers can, should and (in fact) do make incredible use of.


Much as the photo community might make fun of people taking photos with their iPads, watching filmmaker Josh Apter put it to use with a professional microphone and lenses attached doesn’t seem quite so laughable.

But even if you’re an Android or Windows OS user, the video isn’t a complete waste. Ignore the iPads and listen to Robin Williams’ character from Dead Poet’s Society inspire the artist in you by quoting the words of Walt Whitman.

Why do we take photographs or create brilliant pieces of cinematography? “What good amid these, O me, O life? Answer. That you are here — that life exists and identity, That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

(via TechCrunch)

  • Kiltedbear

    And any modern Canon or Nikon DSLR that can take video will blow away anything taken by an iPad. Your argument still loses. The only “smaller is better” argument that *may* pan out in the future is the something from the expanding ILC mirrorless market. If you’re going to buy a tablet or phone though, why spend $200 more for the brand name, when any decent Android tablet of phone can do everything an iPad can do for much less? I take decent snapshots with my nexus 4, but I will give kudos to the Apple iPad/iPhone camera. If I want serious pictures however, I will get out my Canon D6 tethered wirelessly to my Nexus 10, thank you.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    The human race might be full of passion..but Tim Cook is full of something else…he’s a terrible person to head this company and is leading it into the gutter

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    i have been an apple fan boy since day one….this ad is beyond bizarre….it makes me ill

  • edwaste

    Sure would. As the poster above clearly states, anyone above the age of ten knows that when they buy a product, they are paying for that big budget propaganda campaign, and all the air time it requires. So nobody’s being cheated out of their money.

  • edwaste

    Most people with cameras carry around those cameras like’s it’s an additional body part. Most photographers I know, carry around some camera gear, ALL the time.

  • Mr Hogwallop

    Soooo in what world do “5 years ago most professional photographers will have been using medium format”? Not in LA, Detroit or Miami, markets I am familiar with. Maybe 10 or 15 years ago, today the vast majority use DSLR.
    “Real (whatever that is) photography has thought and concept behind it” so with that idea in mind the equipment doesnt make a difference if there is intent behind it. Which is more “real” to you, a medium format photo without thought or concept, or an ipad/iphone/small camera shot that has a concept…

  • Mr Hogwallop

    Like most posts on petapixel (or other photo sites) it’s a rehash of a corporate press release.

  • Jim Preston

    I was hoping this article or the comments would discuss his gear and camera app, not the merits of iPad vs DSLR. BTW, I’m rarely shooting with my DSLR anymore. I’m doing fine for my purposes, photos posted on the Web, with iPhones. I just bought the iPhone 5s with its improved camera but I haven’t tried it on outdoor photography yet.

    Also, I love the ad and last year converted all our computing from Windows to Macs because the productivity is vastly better. Macs are a huge breath of fresh air over Windows but it was considerable expense to change over.