The Case of the Fake Fuji X-W1 Photo: Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You See


As a website, we’re trying to move away from sharing rumors and the like, or at the very least be much more selective. This is happening for a few reasons, but one of them is that, unless you are very selective, you’re bound to share something blatantly wrong. And worse yet, in your rush to be one of the first to report on it, you might do serious damage to your credibility.

Which brings us to a recent ‘photo leak’ that supposedly showed a full view of the rumored Fuji X-W1 sitting on a park bench.

Reports of this photo leak began circulating two days ago when Fuji photographer Dominik Fusina posted the above photo on his Facebook page. At first glance the ‘photo’ might look plausible enough, but then Fusina also posted several more images that were obviously 3D renderings.

Here are those images, which show a Nikon Df style Fuji X-Series camera:





It took a couple of days and Fusina actually coming out and confirming that the photos were fake to put the story to rest, but for our part, we were a bit shocked that it got as far as it did. As Fuji Rumors pointed out:

Why should this camera have the viewfinder selector (as on the X-PRO1/X100S) if it’s EVF only? And why does the exp.comp dial go only from -2 to +2, when the X-E2 goes from -3 to +3? And what’s on the left? Vade retro, mode dial!

Of course, we’ll have to swallow our words if, by some miracle, a Nikon Df-like X-Series Fuji somehow bursts onto the scene, but we just don’t think that’s going to happen.

(via Fuji Rumors)

  • Ryan Muir

    not to mention the “picture” looks incredibly fake. in particular the lighting effects.

  • JH

    Fake lens reflection. Bad.

  • Bob


  • nikonian

    Bad render

  • Zos Xavius

    If you guys even questioned this for a second its time to start being a little more apprehensive. I can tell its a render from the 400px image on your home page.

  • kassim

    but what if the real camera exists but they just sharing the fake-ish render to test reception?

  • Karen

    This is what in 3D world is called a crappy non photoreal render. If you fell for this, there is none other to blame than yourself.

  • OtterMatt

    Wizards’ First Rule: People are stupid, and will believe anything because they want it to be true.

  • Michael Palmer

    “very least be much more selective…” you say. So how do you explain the recent “ghost” story then?

  • Nik0

    Which is the most stupid? “Specialized” websites that have not yet verified the information… very easy to understand in French. Fusina said quickly on his Facebook and Twitter that it was a fake in the context of work on 3D. Can we blame a passionate for imagine the product of his dreams? I do not think so.

  • jordonvuz355

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  • Tim

    Its real – shoots like a dream!

  • Kaybee

    Looks very nice though… someone should pick it up… Looks more like miniature DF… If only some company (Pentax?) comes up with a camera like Pentax MX or so…cute…

  • Evan

    Exactly. Me too.