How Idiotic Instagram Selfies Earned a 19-Year-Old Criminal 142 Felony Counts


This was NOT a good week for moronic criminals with access to Instagram. After posting a bunch of ill-advised selfies on the photo sharing site, a Florida teenager now finds himself behind bars and facing 142 felony counts thanks to his oversharing habit.

The young man in question is 19-year-old in Dupree Johnson from south Florida. Mr. Johnson decided that it would be a good idea to document his massive stash of stolen firearms on Instagram, even though his rap sheet already included felony convictions for grand theft, burglary, and (go figure) felony possession of a firearm.


Photos posted to his account (which has since been taken offline) showed the young man flaunting his collection of guns, jewels, and drugs which, together, gave the police enough reason to acquire a search warrant.

Lo and behold, when they arrived at Johnson’s house, they found a quarter million dollars in goods and enough evidence to label him the “ring leader” in tens of Palm Beach senior center burglaries. The 19-year-old now faces 142 counts of felony possession of a firearm or ammo.


But that’s not even the unbelievable part, this is: According to several news reports, when the police asked him his occupation, he replied “thief.” We give him a 10 for honesty…

(via The Huffington Post)

  • Enough Already

    A perfect candidate for either sterilization. Or better yet, his choice of his own stolen firearms to execute him with.

    And no, not because he’s black. But because he’s a good-for-nothing leech on society.

  • Jaime R Puente

    Yes, at least he was honest. It’s much more honest than narcissistic bankers and corporate thieves who steal from millions then go on tv and smile about it.

  • hello

    How unfair, only because is black…

  • Jaime R Puente

    This comment should have the “Not to be racist” qualifier in front of it…

  • Jeff Davis

    I hope you’re being sarcastic.

  • Steve Won

    How is his comment racist?

  • Jr Miller

    Simply saying “not because he’s black” is close enough to the line to suggest exactly what his thoughts on race are. Kinda like “I friends with some black people”.

    The entire post was dumb…suggesting we sterilize people because they commit crimes?

  • fuzztographer

    I truly do not understand this sort of idiocy. He committed crimes and posted HARD EVIDENCE of said crimes and IDENTIFIED HIMSELF on a PUBLIC WEBSITE. What the hell did he expect would happen?

  • harumph

    This article makes it sound like he was stealing firearms from the senior center. Which just adds to the comedy, really.

  • gochugogi

    I’m guessing he’s also a lady’s man and, while he’s in prison, his many scattered children will grow up with some of the great influences and values he was brought up with.

  • AFilipe

    i’m friends with black people myself, whats wrong in saying that? they can say they’re friends with white people and i don’t mind.

  • Mescalamba

    I would say in this case its pretty good idea. Our “humane” approach to let everyone procreate is nicely humanistic, but in same time incredibly stupid. Its one of reasons why humanity is currently in so deep sh*t at first place.

    Sure, let idiots spread their genes. You may need to wait about 25 years, but in those 25 years, there will be enough idiots to rule everything. Wonder how your “humanistic” point of view will be helpful after that..

    And no, Im not “nice” person by any strech of imagination. But Im also person that is trying his best to not make this world worse than it already is.

  • Mescalamba

    I guess main reason was that he was previously convicted which prohibits possession of any firearms (well, law tries to do that). I agree it sounds a bit strange in realation with that senior center.

    Tho wouldnt be suprised if seniors armed themselves against him or similar type of idiots..

  • Lee

    he looks like 30 yo to me. city mileage?

  • Jake

    Social Darwinism at its best!

  • bob cooley

    You beat me to that one ;)

  • Jake

    Execution for non-violent crimes. You know who would love you? Al Qaeda.
    I hear Syria and Afghanistan are lovely this time of year.

  • Ryan

    You’re really good at twisting words. His recommendation is a lot more PG than what mine would be for criminals. Go ahead and support them with your tax money you ignorant liberal. Better yet lets give them all trophies too; in your eyes they are winners!

  • Leonid Barchai

    ^LOL ignorant liberal? I bet you a million dollars this genius here loves JESUS but hates every single thing he stood for or taught… ya know… cuz MURICA

  • Ryan

    Nope nothing to do with Jesus. Neither did my post. Well done ignorant liberal.

  • Des Malone

    I dunno, you know the Man is always trying to stick it to a brother…

  • Maria Hermosa

    Stupid black,stupid white,stupid is stupid and has no color.This dude is stupid and there is no cure for stupid

  • JoeC

    It’s amazing how similar the hard right is to those that they hate, isn’t it?

    It’s also sad to see that eugenics is still so popular, even if people don’t know what it’s called. This despite the lack of evidence for a strong link between genetics and intelligence. But never underestimate the power of ignorance to take a half-baked understanding of something (i.e. genetics) and come out with something completely stupid (i.e. eugenics).

  • madmax

    How I love good sarcasms!

  • Joemass

    that was not racism.. that was “profiling” damn it !

  • Dick Trickle

    Stupidest comment in the history of the internet. I guess because some people commit crimes, it makes it ok. LOL

  • John Bond

    Asking for help maybe?

  • Alex Minkin

    please tell me more about ignorant liberals, you managed to say it frequently enough that i would consider you an expert on how anyone different than you must be ignorant.

  • Ryan

    What would you like to know? You claimed I was an expert keep that in mind. I didn’t say anyone different than I was ignorant. That’s where you were being ignorant. See how that works?

  • geektinker

    It’s not profiling when the perp is guilty.

  • geektinker

    Since when is felony possession of a firearm during burglary a non-violent crime? It’s naive to think he wouldn’t use that weapon if he thought it would help.

  • Jake

    You’re right. He should be put to death for having a weapon that he didn’t use during a crime. Again, sounds like the kind of talk most people I know would call extremism.

  • faloc

    derpety derpee….that name, suits an idiot… and look what we have here ^^

  • geektinker

    Calling for his death is noy my implication at all. Odds are if he’s carrying while committing felony crimes and is capable of committing those crimes, then he’s used them in a violent way at some point in the past.
    He’s probably lucky that violating his parole will just earn him three meals and a cot for a few years. Had he continued with his thieving ways, he likely would have encountered somebody who was home. with a weapon in their hand, and more than willing to put him inside of a coffin.

  • Dover

    Because presuming what a suspect has done should be good enough to punish him as though he has done it. Wait….whut?

  • Dover

    “It’s amazing how similar the hard right is to those that they hate, isn’t it?”

    I have always noticed this. Those calling for blood always pretend to have the moral high ground.

  • geektinker

    I’ll go ahead and quote the article above here, just in case you missed this little tidbit of info: “…even though his rap sheet already included felony convictions for grand theft, burglary, and (go figure) felony possession of a firearm.”

    This moron has already been found guilty at least once. Why he was still on the streets further practicing his chosen occupation escapes me, since in order for this information to be public knowledge he had to have been tried as an adult. Add that to the fact he is only 19 years old, means he must have got a slap on the wrist from the court system during his first time around. Seems like that taught him very little.

  • theart


  • guu

    the big problem here is he doesn’t seem to think there is anything wrong with being a thief …

    he seems to think it is all rather cool.
    that’s why is instagramming and being ‘honest’ with police.

    and that IS a SERIOUS problem when young men start to think it is COOL to steal, sell drugs and firearms …

  • ffffffffffff

    In en effort to be maximally efficient, let’s distribute his guns to some choice good-for-nothing leeches on Wall St.

  • Jake

    I agree with you that he’s a menace to society and there is a likelihood that he could at some point do harm to someone while committing a crime. Maybe locking him up from the world until he’s reformed is the best thing for him.

    But all I was trying to say originally was that the poster who called for his death was being absurd. So when you started arguing my point, I assumed that it was the execution argument that you were defending. I didn’t realize you were just changing the subject.

  • 42323523523

    why i am not suprised it´s an afro american?

  • Keith Benghazi

    Margaret Sanger would be proud of you.

  • boopie

    Would you give him a 10 for honesty if he stole from you?

  • kyle

    because you are a disgusting person.

  • Steven Wade

    Lol, because that only applies to the hard right and not the hard left at all.

  • Dan

    “I’m friends with a black person.” Why is it important to mention the color of a friend’s skin? Does the color of your friend’s skin add weight/validity to your ideas/comments? No? So why mention it? What you’re basically stating is: “I cannot be racist because I am friends with a black person.” What non-racists hear whenever (every time) that statement – or anything like it – is uttered is that someone is classifying their friends by race. We have friends. It doesn’t matter what their skin color is. Non-racists don’t have black friends. They don’t have Hispanic friends. They don’t have white friends. We have friends. THIS is THE point. And if it has to be explained…

  • Brian Bradford

    Or because statistically its truie

  • Alex Minkin

    i see you struggling, thats about it.

  • Gary Martin

    Lazy porch monkey