Out on the Road: Sony a7 and a7R Sample Photos


Over the course of my week in Nashville, I got to try out both of Sony’s new full-frame mirrorless cameras. And so, here is the promised sample image gallery, broken up into categories of photos taken with the a7, the a7R and the a7R with the E-Mount 24mm f/1.8 APS-C lens.

A few things to keep in mind: None of these photos have been edited at all with the exception of some cropping. Also, I was surrounded by some 60 other journalists all doing the same thing I was, running around like mad from location to location, so finding the best composition for a given shot wasn’t always easy.

If you’d like to pixel peep, feel free to head over to our a7 and a7R sample image galleries on Flickr by clicking on the corresponding links (we’ll also be adding more photos to those galleries in the coming days, so if you want more examples you’ll find them there).

Sony a7 Samples











Sony a7R Samples











APS-C Lens Samples

The whole point behind this last section is to show you how the Sony full-frame cameras perform when attached to an APS-C E-Mount lens. I figured many of you probably have E-Mount glass sitting around if you’re buying the a7 or a7R and would like to see what kind of results you can expect.

The camera has an automatic system built in for recognizing and cropping when an APS-C lens is attached. It’s a bit hit or miss at automatically detecting the lens, but that aside, I turned the system off when using the 24mm. The vignetting leads to some interesting shots and I figured most people would rather get the full image and crop on their own anyway.

Check these out in full res by clicking here:







And there you have it, samples from the latest and greatest gear to come out of Sony. I’ll be putting up samples and first impressions of the RX10 soon as well, so keep an eye out for those. And don’t forget to enter our a7 giveaway!

  • 11

    not quite sure…idk. neeeh.

  • harumph

    Lol at the erotic microphone fondling.

  • Nahrbert

    The dynamic range isn’t that good, and it’s the only thing I’m looking into a new camera.

  • MeMeMe

    Unfortunately I admit I thought the same……..better take a cold shower!!

  • Gok Han

    How can you say anything about the dynamic range by just looking at jpeg images without knowing anything about the editing stages?

  • Jack Mckechnie

    I’m sorry..but I think the color and just general feel of the image on both my Olympus E3 and my Olympus EPL1 is just better.

  • BenHillPhoto

    Not impressed.

  • Nahrbert

    Exactly because the photos are samples and should show the dynamic range of the camera without editing. Doesn’t impress me at all.

  • Greg

    Shoot the new FF Camera with an APS-C lens? Then say people probably want to see that?

  • David Vaughn

    You….do realize that dynamic range refers to the total amount of highlight and shadow information there is, right? Basically, it determines how much the highlights can be pulled and the shadows can be pushed. It has nothing to do with how the original image looks. It doesn’t mean that the the higher the dynamic range, the more HDR the images look. That would be dumb.

    PS: Looking at the report from DXO, it appears that the 7R probably uses the same sensor as the Nikon D800, which has crazy good DR. I think your eyes might be broken.

  • Guest

    I do know what dynamic range is, and i am refering to the typical latitude found in these kind of cameras. Fuji, on the other side started working exactly on this, even on compact cameras like x20. We have fast focus, we have good lenses, we need, latitude. The technology exists, and it’s now expensive ( see pocket cinema camera).

  • David Vaughn

    My child is also the most smartest and specialest kid in school.

  • Nahrbert

    Let’s keep the arguments professional and not go flaming. I’m talking about the latitude of the exposure. Look at Fuji, even the x20 which is a compact camera, the latitude is far greater than on this camera. And better, look at the pocket cinema camera. The technology exists, and it’s not that expensive.

  • Young

    what’s the point of this camera? aren’t mirrorless all about small size?

  • Swade

    It is small?

  • Djalma Reis

    or a long warm one.

  • Djalma Reis

    you are wrong.

  • kero

    those are the new generation cameras? pffff is even better my lx3

  • Keiran Blackwell

    And fewer moving parts, lower weight, more simplicity. And it is tiny compared to it’s DSLR equivalents.

  • uhoh7

    You really went to that event with no Alt glass?

  • grimace

    It’s difficult to gauge what this camera is capable of with such poor slipshod photography.

  • Scott M.

    I am sure it is the small size (400x600pixels) but focus looks really off? Not sure these sizes are best way to show off new camera.

  • senate

    sony should stick to playstation…

  • Lago Baikal

    Maybe it´s just me, but for some reason these pictures don´t have that awesome almost dreamy look that full frame tends to have on (D)SLR´s. I wonder if the fact that there´s less space in between the glass and the sensor has something to do with it. These´s pictures look just any any other mirrorles´ to me.

  • mark young

    Have no idea why these are perceived as low DR images. They are extremely well modulated. There seems to be a little underexposure on all images and could possibly argue a lack of DR based on that, but they look like they’d be fine even if the exposure was brought up. I’d love to have the A7, kinda pricey, but whatever.

  • Kaybee

    Is it okay to say that I didn’t like the images? I am on a budget and is seriously considering getting Sony a7 as my first Fullframe digital camera but this doesn’t impress me at all… either it is the photos or the Photographer if not the camera and the lens…