Mother Turns Her Baby Boy’s Naptime Into Creative Dreamland Adventure Photos


Wherever you stand on the idea of having children, one of the advantages seems to be the infinite photographic possibilities opened up by having a cute child at your disposal. Whether you’re talking Photoshop trickery or just watching them grow up, we’ve seen plenty of creative and adorable photos and videos come out of the photographic parent/photogenic child relationship.

One incredibly creative example that is currently making the rounds on the Internet is mother and photographer Queenie Liao’s series Wengenn in Wonderland.

The series is based around Liao’s adorable baby boy Wengenn and his daily naptime. While others might take their child’s naptime as an opportunity to take a small break of their own, Liao instead creates beautiful dreamland scenes around her sleeping boy using household items.

Where did I get the ideas about decorating the backgrounds? Well, I grew up indulging myself in fairy tales. In particular, as I read the beloved stories over and over again, my eyes would often be fixated at the beautiful illustrations, immersing myself completely with the stories. Those fairy tales from my childhood gave me a multitude of ideas to try out.

Everyday just before Wengenn’s nap, I would imagine him being the main character in one of my favorite episodes, and “paint” a background setting with plain clothes, stuffed animals, and other common household materials… After Wengenn fell asleep, I would place him at the center of the theme I’d created and start taking pictures. My vision was to create a series of photos portraying him exploring his imaginary, enchanting fairytale-like world.

By all accounts, it seems she has succeeded quite remarkably in realizing that vision. Here’s a selection of photos from Wengenn in Wonderland:

























In all, Liao has now shot over 100 photographs of little baby Wengenn, her third child who was only 3 months old when his dreamland adventures began. The full collection can be found in Liao’s Wengenn in Wonderland album on Facebook.

The series was also released in book form in China last year, including details about how some of the more intricate dreamscapes came together (an English version is in the works as of this writing).

Still, for Liao, all of the media attention and Internet fame hasn’t made her forget what the series was about in the first place: “I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share with the readers not only the pictures I have taken, but more importantly, the inexpressible love, joy and pride as a mother while creating this special album for my son Wengenn.”

(via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Queenie Liao and used with permission

  • fast eddie

    As a parent who got serious about photography because of my newborn child, I love all of these so much! Just beautifully done :) Also, kind of reminds me of stuffonmycat. com :D

  • Joey Duncan

    awesome, just awesome

  • A.J.

    None of our photography critics came in here yet to comment about how these are “trite”, “vapid”, and “unoriginal”.

    Wow Petapixel. I don’t know if I should be disappointed or impressed.

  • MarkLivesInLA

    Absolutely fantastic. I was particularly smitten over “The Claw.”

  • Praverb

    This is awesome. Great collection.

  • someguy

    I could be one of those…

    But… I don’t care. These are in a perfectly nice way: “awww”. No irony here. Superbly cute and good work. Disclosure, I’m a dad ;)

  • Jason

    Just another person trying to get notoriety off 1 idea.

  • Mike

    too much win

  • jkantor267

    One is adorable, two are cute, three are amusing, four or more are saccharin.

  • David Vaughn

    And it looks like it worked, so I guess you have to admit that she succeeded? You sound kinda jealous.

  • Ladyd712

    Cute pics – but why is that baby sleeping so much! Mine never slept!

  • Jannis


  • eric

    So I guess based on your response, you’re still waiting on an idea huh?

  • kendraro

    These are wonderful! Many years ago I started doing collage because I could do it is short bursts while my son napped. The first one featured many photos of him in all his young adorableness.

  • Karen S Cooley

    Cute, but not original. Google Mila’s Daydreams. I saw her work a few years ago and loved it as a fellow mom.

  • Ruli Manurung

    Is it just me or does anyone find the sheer volume and elaborateness of this collection slightly worrying and exploitative? Seeing the first few I had the same warm fuzzy feeling as most of you did, but as I kept scrolling on and on…and on… and on… I started feeling a bit creeped out. I hope the mom spends as much time and effort playing with the baby while awake.

  • Moe

    Very creative and impressive !

  • Judyz

    Totally agree, it’s a violation. The one with the balloons wasn’t too bad but the rest kind of grossed me out too. How would we like someone doing that to us in our sleep?!

  • Pete

    Violation?!? This child will LOVE to have these when older. You sound like a miserable person when you say stuff like that.

  • ksand

    I feel worried that most of these people with negative comments aren’t going to be able to encourage or nurture their children’s or future children’s imagination and curiosity. This mother may not be original but she made these photos out of curiosity and imagination and in turn, her own. Is there no difference in genre of movies or music? and I’m sure an infant during his/her nap time is much more compliant then, than during the time he/she is awake. As a parent I know this as fact, as getting them to nap at all can be a chore! Just be glad and appreciate that she decided to share her take on an imaginative and amazing art “genre”.


    LOVE IT!

  • The Franglaise

    I am surprised by all the buzz around this woman as she has clearly done a copy/paste of Adele Enersen’s original idea with Mila’s Daydream.

  • Chard

    Exploited??? What are you talking about? That’s her own son, and the baby was not hurt (by the looks of it). If I have photographs of me like that, I would definitely love it! I think you’re just finding excuses to put hate on the photographs and the photographer…

  • Ruli Manurung

    One can certainly be exploitative to their own child, and without hurting them. You may love it, but who’s to say whether this particular child will or won’t? I’m not “putting hate” on anything or anyone. Like everyone else, I find them creative, well executed, and cute. I’m merely expressing my worry that the sheer volume and professionalism of these photographs tends to suggest that this parent isn’t doing it for the joy of the child, but rather personal gain. I’d loved to be proven wrong, though.

  • Silva Berlus Coni

    wish my future wife would be as creative as her to assembly the scenes, I’d do the photograph, and I’d do the baby making too ;)

  • Phil

    What a great idea!!

  • findnesha

    This is amazing

  • lamoosh

    i loved ittttt hes cute his mother is an artist or wat ever it is?
    he so cut as that baby seal

  • SueG316

    Creative and harmless. Why do some of you go our of your way to see only the negative in life? It must be exhausting. Especially for those around you. I hope Santa brings some of you the gift of a bright, sunny, positive outlook for Christmas this year.