Making a Rotating Room Set for a Gravity Defying Shoot for Just $350

North Webster, Indiana-based photographer and videographer Justin Fredrick Clark recently shared this awesome behind-the-scenes video showing how he and some other guys at his church built a rotating room for just $350 (granted, they already had access to some pretty serious equipment) for a creative work project.

The entire set was built and torn down in the span of just one week. They started out by building the small room out of wood beams and panels:


They then attached car rims to the front and back of the room as a hub as a point at which the room is connected to some forklifts:


Finally, they furnished the room and added some lighting to increase the realism of the illusion:


By rotating a camera with the set, and by having a human model hopping around inside on the four walls, some pretty neat photos and videos can be captured:


This project is basically a miniaturized version of what director Christopher Nolan and his crew built for the trippy hallway fight scene in the movie Inception:

As you can see, that custom rotating set was much, much bigger.

(via ISO 1200 via DIYP)

Image credits: Video and stills by Justin Fredrick Clark

  • Alex Minkin

    it’s really, really cool, but wouldn’t it have made more sense to mount the back of the room on the same side as the rotating wheel? so you could have the entire front side open and shoot straight in, instead of from a corner?

  • Alex Minkin

    ah, now I can see the second hubcap behind being supported by a second forklift.

    so $350 and two forklifts. no problem.

  • Justin Haugen

    Stop making so much sense!

  • DrMookinstein

    Like Lionel Richie did back in 1985?

  • Joey Duncan


  • snapshot1

    Really cool. Even though obviously this footage is simply testing proof of concept it’s too bad after all that work they didn’t think to turn off the lights outside their set that cause a moving reflection and shadows making the illusion less effective.

  • John Flanagan II

    They have a fork lift on each side. You can see it in the second to last photo. I doubt one lift truck could hold that without tipping or wobbling all over the place.

  • Mark Dub

    New title for the article:

    “Making a Room Set for Just $350″

    There.. I fixed it for you :)

  • Dhaval Panchal

    Now i need to find another $1000 for the 2 forklifts and another room big enough to build it in! (and friends who will help me for free!)

  • Aleksandar

    Find a hill, build a room and push it down the hill, no need for forklifts and big room, problem solved :)

  • Dhaval Panchal

    Watching the video playing in reverse is comical.

  • hugh crawford

    Which copies Fred Astair’s Royal Wedding made in 1951.
    Buster Keaton also did something like that in his 1921 film “The Boat”

  • Dover

    You would think that after putting this much effort into a project you would use a more attractive model. I mean, I have nothing against bearded men in flannel shirts but who couldn’t scrounge up a nice 25 yr old girl in a flowing dress, or bikini, or hot pink rubber skirt? Take this to the next level please!