Panasonic Develops New Ultra-Wide 64:9 Camera System for Capturing Sports


You remember that one time when you wanted to put four of your 16:9 aspect ratio wide-screen TVs side by side and watch the game in super-panorama? Yeah, neither do we. But apparently Panasonic does, considering the 64:9 ultra-wide camera system the company has developed.

The system (pictured above) intelligently stitches together the feed from four different 16:9 cameras to create a 720p, 64:9 ultra-wide experience. All together, the rig weighs 88-pounds and can capture a 160-degree panoramic view of the action. Compared to 16:9 that’ll look something like this:


Of course, making this happen required some software magic as well as hardware. Although the cameras are aligned so one picks up where the other left off, custom software stitches the feeds together “seamlessly” in real time, while an operator controls all of the four cameras simultaneously.

And this is why that first sentence really isn’t a joke, viewing the picture involves using four side-by-side 16:9 widescreen TVs.


Panasonic developed the tech to capture sports and possibly help coaches better analyze games. Set to be released commercially in November at a yet undisclosed price (you know what that means…) those who want to see the system in action now will have to travel to Sydney, Australia, where Panasonic is planning to demo the beast at the Integrate 2013 electronics expo today through Thursday.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Nate Parker

    seems kind of cool but I’ll pass-

  • dan110024

    It’d be good to have sitting in one spot, covering the whole field. That way any incident could be reviewed later, even if it occurred at the other end of the field to where the play was.

  • tertius_decimus

    New monitor trend: 64:9. Make your old CRT-screen look lousy!

  • Rudy Bega

    Okay, Nate, but unless you happen to own ESPN or something I doubt you were the target market anyway.

  • Stan Perry

    it could be reviewed on 4 monitors … read and think then post ….

  • tertius_decimus

    Get yourself a sense of humour.

  • Peter

    If its really 4 cameras at 16:9, rather than a wide angle with lens correction, I wonder how well they’ll be able to stitch the composite image together?

  • Aaron Lee Kafton

    doesn’t seem like a whole lot of stitching would need to happen as there isn’t a way to view the video on any of the seams, if each camera is contained to one tv screen.

  • Gman

    so its like looking at a panorama someones uploaded to Facebook