Fujifilm Brings Retro Styling to the Instant Camera World with the New Instax Mini 90


It seems the retro design movement has finally begun to infiltrate something other than the mirrorless market. In a move that makes its Instax line of instant cameras look a lot more like the X-Series line, Fujifilm has just announced the retro-styled Instax Mini 90 seen above.

The new camera has its own Fujifilm Japan website, complete with sample photos and an intro video that can only be described as “jazzy” if a bit uninformative for those of us who can’t read Japanese.


In keeping with the X-Series-like styling, it looks like Fuji is doing its best to pack this little guy full of features. The camera uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and several shooting modes, including Macro, Double Exposure and Bulb Mode, which allows you to expose your shots for up to 10 seconds.

In case long exposure isn’t your thing, the camera also sports a “high-performance flash” that can be fine-tuned depending on the exposure you want. And if you’re capturing fast action, you can speed the shutter up to 1/400th of a second.


If you want to find out more about the little instant shooter, head over to the Google Translated site by clicking here. Fair warning, many of the headings are images instead of text, so there’s still quite a bit of Japanese even in the translated version.

The camera is set to hit Japanese shelves on September 20th, but won’t be making landfall in the US until the Spring of 2014, when it will retail for around $210.

(via The Phoblographer via Gizmodo)

  • Carl Meyer

    A bit pricey but it’s an improvement over previous models, it could be even better with a shock resistant body and a proper viewfinder.

  • konek lembik

    Finally. The previous design of Fuji Intax-s were beyond the human-visual tolerance.


    Proper view finder? How is it not fine how it is

  • TinusVerdino
  • Alessandro Aimonetto

    I thought the same thing too…but then the word “instamatic” exploded in my head. It’s a 63′ design and so is older than instagram and all that crap…i don’t think instagram and facebook can appropriate of that word

  • Alessandro Aimonetto

    I simply love it

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Only $210? lol

  • Bill Binns

    I kind of hate to be the person that cares anything about the “styling” of a camera. However, the current instax is impossibly ugly. I own 30-40 cameras and the Instax is the only one I am ashamed to be seen with. It looks like it should have a Fisher price or Hello Kitty logo on it.

  • Instax

    The view finder is not acurate for sure

  • Zos Xavius

    Anyone know what the 60mm equivalent in 35mm is on the lens? I actually didn’t realize they still made instax cameras. I like this design personally.

  • bryceguse

    I think the “60mm” means it’s the equivalent of a 60mm lens on a full frame sensor/ 35mm camera. I know a few point and shoots do that, including one of the new Leicas.

  • TN

    “..use of “INSTA” and “GRAM” for an application that works with Instagram..”

    lol, i doubt it, this camera doesn’t upload to the internet, or attempt to access instagram =]

  • Panchoskywalker

    I agree with you, I don’t own any instax mini but the instax 500af, even if it looks much better than the mini, it still looks like a toy…hard to not be taken for a child when using it. lol.

  • Panchoskywalker

    If the mini version is US$210, I mind how much would cost a new wide version if it ever come out….US$400?

  • Jarno

    I wonder can you switch does it have just an automatic flash or can you turn it off? A frustrating problem with all previous instax cameras.

  • geodesigner

    It’s most definitely not a 60mm 135 equivalent lens; it’s a true 60mm lens, and acts as a mild wide-angle on the Instax.

    The Instax image size is 46mmx62mm, thus meaning it’s roughly a 34mm 135 equivalent. Also if you’re wondering, the equivalent 135 aperture (for DOF calculation purposes, not light-gathering purposes) is about f/7.



  • Zos Xavius

    Thank you! and thanks for the link to the useful calculator!

  • geodesigner