TheQ is a Cheap Connected Camera That is Designed with Social Sharing in Mind


There’s a new compact camera on the block, only this one isn’t made by Sony or Samsung or Nikon or any of the other brands you might expect to see scrawled across the front of the device. No, this one is made by a little-known Swedish lifestyle company called theQ, and its all-new theQ Camera comes touting the self-assigned title of “world’s first social camera.”

Given the prevalence of smartphones, that title might be a bit of a stretch, but there’s no denying that theQ Camera was created with social sharing at the top of its to-do list. Sporting a 5MP sensor (no word on sensor size) that sees the world through a 24mm f/2.4 manual focus lens, the little camera’s main draw is its 3G and social sharing capabilities.


Simply insert a SIM card into the camera and you’re off to the races. The 2GB of built-in storage is only there to hold photos when you’re out of 3G range, everything else uploads immediately to your very own theQ LAB, where owners are given unlimited personal online storage.

Additionally, every photo you take can instantly (assuming you’re in range) be sent via e-mail and/or uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr or Tumblr at the click of a button. The only network conspicuously absent from the list is Instagram.

Here’s a short intro to theQ Camera:

The camera was designed to be as easy to use as possible — in fact, the company’s tag line for the little shooter is “shut up and shoot” — so the interface is made to be what the company affectionately refers to as “idiot-proof.”

Along those idiot-proof lines, theQ made the camera waterproof to 3-feet as well as shockproof. It also comes equipped with a low-level ring flash dubbed theQ light for those nighttime shots.


“With over 500 million photos uploaded and shared daily, more than double the amount from two years ago, the market is ripening for socially connected devices,” writes theQ CEO Steven Christensen via press release. “We aim to make photography easy, fun, and available to people wherever they want to take and share high-quality photos.”

Other “easy, fun” features the company has packed into the little theQ Camera include three pre-set shooting modes and, as you might have guessed, nine built-in photo filters.


TheQ Camera is already available for pre-order from the company’s website for $200 in any of nine different colors — although there’s no mention of a shipping date. To find out more about the little shooter, see more photos and maybe get one for yourself, head over to the camera’s website by clicking here.

(via GigaOM)

  • Brixton

    I don’t understand this. It has a crappy camera like a phone and uploads pictures using 3G like a phone…so why not just use your phone then? Why carry around this extra accessory if you can do the exact same thing with your cellphone.

  • Zos Xavius

    But….but…it has manual focus?

  • Christian Bartsch

    great marketing, crappy camera..

  • Daniel Tian

    Because you are not their target audience. That’s why you don’t understand.

  • Sid Ceaser

    But. . . but. . . OMGZ FILTERZ!!

  • Brixton

    So you’re saying the target audience is for young people that all have cell phones with cameras…yeah…still don’t understand. Also, I’m a 23 year old woman who likes taking photos with friends and am probably in their target audience, so thanks.

  • Keith

    They might be banking on the fact that it’s water-proof and shock-proof. Most mobile phones purchased by the average consumer are neither. I know parents who’d refuse to give their children a mobile phone, but probably would be more willing to give their children a reasonably-priced camera.

  • Daniel Tian

    Please do not put words in my mouth that I did not even imply in the slightest. I applaud the company for trying something new and different from the big corporations, whether they succeed or not. I do admit that their market appeal is niche, but they appear to fulfill that niche quite well. Just because you are young and like taking photos, does not mean you are their target audience. Think a bit harder on it and you might figure it out. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  • bennyboy1996

    The real problem is that it requires a 3G sim card in order to function with no option for wi-fi or bluetooth.

  • Jacqueline K Segura

    Not everyone owns or wishes to own a Smartphone.

  • Seth

    Broken link at the end of the article.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Basically, it’s a 3G-capable camera … minus the (smart)phone capabilities?

    What makes them think that this is worth carrying 2 separate gadgets?

  • Michael Palmer

    Interested to see how well the ring light functions.

  • steve

    If that’s true, I don’t think they’ll sell many. Looks like a good holiday camera but 3G isn’t going to be cheap abroad. Does it really not have any storage other than the 2GB built in? I suppose 2GB could be quite a lot of photos with 5mp. I also wonder if it really has a big sensor, with that 24mm lens or if that is just the 35mm equivalent number?

  • Jordan Butters

    These kind of people are less than likely to care about uploading their latest cup of coffee to Facebook then surely?

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    There are no sample shots with this camera on their website. Fishy.

  • Tom

    Wonder if Pentax will give them grief over the name given that Pentax has the small, similar in size and appearance, Q camera? Different capabilities and audience but when has that ever stopped a corporation?

  • Christian DeBaun

    Um, this already exists.

  • bob cooley

    This has to be one of the most annoying ads I’ve seen in a long time – If fact w/ the volume turned down, it might as well be a jeans “lifestyle” ad, which we’ve seen far to many of.

    It’s also interesting that they chose to go with manual focus – certainly keeps the pricepoint down, but we are going to see a lot of automatically uploaded, out of focus images on the social networks…

  • KH


  • lidocaineus

    Since you seem to know what the target audience is, pray tell, what IS it?

  • Jacqueline K Segura

    I do not own a Smartphone because I do not want to be tied down to a contract. I think this camera would be cool to own because if I was travelling, I would not have to worry about bringing a laptop to upload pics, I could use their equivalent of Dropbox and be done with it till I got home. One less thing to bring. I like the filters and seems like it would be easy to use.Sometimes I do not want to carry my SLR. That being said, I am already wanting a compact camera, so this might be the one I get.

  • Brixton

    Not putting words in your mouth, I am simply responding to you saying that I’m not in their target audience, when I probably am. I don’t think you quite understand what a target audience is then if you watched the above video. Their target audience is for young adults who like taking photos while hanging with friends and can easily upload using the 3G. I applaud companies for trying but I don’t see this being successful when most people in that target audience have smartphones that already do this. This would just be something extra to carry around. So, good day.

  • Brixton

    Did you watch the above video? If you did and you still don’t get it then I can’t help you.

  • Brixton

    I can see that being a possibility, but I see a lot of smartphones coming out that are being branded as shock-proof and water-proof which would make this camera obsolete. I applaud the try for something new and hip but I just don’t see it catching on.

  • Brixton

    True. But from the portrayal of the target audience, most people in that group do have smartphones. Just because you don’t, doesn’t mean that most young adults don’t.

  • Brixton

    That’s the exact point I’ve been making. I don’t see people carrying around both. Especially when you also have to get a 3G sim card for the camera, too much extra work when you have a smartphone. Now if you don’t have a smartphone then go at it, but most people in the target audience (as portrayed in the video) do have smartphones nowadays. Nice idea, but not really practical.

  • Brixton


  • Brixton


  • dee

    I think it’s like many other products in the market, they don’t make them because of the uniqueness of the idea, the do it because they can, and they think that there is nothing like it in the market.

    While i agree with you that a phone or a rugged camera can do what this camera do, i don’t see any harm of trying to do something different.

  • Brixton

    Like I said, I applaud the idea but just giving my 2 cents on it and don’t see it being very successful. The market is saturated with so many cameras/phones that could do the same thing, if not better, than this camera. But best of luck to them.

  • Urs Basteck

    They are well hidden. For a reason. On the far right, under “Discover new things”, they link to a tumblr. Look for it.

  • j

    First connected camera…..?
    Afraid there a bit late……. posting this from the SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMERA….

  • natums

    I’m guessing larger sensor and manual controls.

  • natums

    You don’t like her putting words in her mouth but you immediately put labels on her. Hypocrisy.

  • natums

    The Seventh Veil strip club on Sunset right by my house gets a front and center cameo at 2:05 on the video.

  • kassim

    Wait a sec… Tron???

  • Daniel Tian

    Sure, whatever. You are correct, I am wrong. Good day.

  • Daniel Tian

    What labels? Young and likes photography? She’s 23 and reads PP. Do the math.

  • Stefano Druetta

    actually, the design is italian and I think it has nothing to do with ikea! :D
    I happen to know some of the guys behind the company and two of them were born and raised in Turin, IT. I think they made an impressive job just for the fact that I’m reading about their project all over the web. time will tell if their vision was right, by now I can say that on one hand it looks amazing and “feels right”, I mean, a great looking, shock and waterproof little insta-camera with a ringlight, boy that’s cool! on the other hand I think a waterproof case for my iphone costs probably less than 200$ and could give me better quality without the mess of having another 3G contract and so on.. sim necessity is kinda meh, if it had wifi capabilities to download pictures on a smartphone or laptop or whatever, I would have bought it already :D

  • someguy

    Yeah, I get the idea of a modern day Polaroid, fully embracing the digital age. What I don’t get is the complete lack of any reality check along the way, the full-on, take no prisoners enthusiasm towards something that, at the end of the day, produces photographs like my mum’s phone does (it’s very old).

    On the other hand, maybe that’s actually appropriate for photography which only exists to be in the cloud to fuel some new social media thingy.

  • Stefano Druetta

    we must not forget that we are photography addicted and possibly acknowledged above the average: we want cameras to produce decent quality pictures. but one of the guys I know at theQ is actually a talented photographer himself, so it’s a little disappointing to see such low quality pictures…

    of course we see a product that good looking, and we expect [or wish] it to take pictures as good as fuji X ones.. but then it’s more like a phone from 5 years ago. which is rather fair for the price tag, I must say. I still haven’t figured out wether it’s the coolest product I’ve seen lately, or just the n-th useless gadget. I’ll try put my hands on one as soon as possible!!

  • Nicole Wong

    Not really. I do like the idea of having this around especially when adventuring. I can keep my phone away and not worry about damaging it while trying to get shots. Especially when it rains or underwater. Also it’s very cheap.

  • Brixton

    True. Thing is…there’s a ton of cheaper/weather and drop proof cameras on the market. Again, proving my point that this camera isn’t doing anything that new that will make people want to buy it. But kudos for the cool marketing video.

  • Kolorpublik

    I was interesting it, when watching out the ads, video, also their idea of representation. i think i was in the target whom love analog tone of photo, love to snap everywhere and share on network. Their filter is really awesome but one thing i’m so curious is the image’s quality would be. i checked around it’s seem likely instagram app on smartphone in some rare samples which they took with their product. Its worst than my iphone maybe. Almost all of images on official site was taken on another DSLR camera with photoshopped (Gradient tone and color balance) in my prediction. Now, i dont know is it good as it mentiosn on many sites or what they claim in cool video. No manual setting, no manual focus just similar with toy-camera focus system by 3distances near-to-infinity only 3g no wifi (extra-expense double paid with my current smartphone?) 5mega-pixel?
    I just love how ringflash would be working on but it’s all in confidential. I changed my mind and wont risk with 200$ with a thing covered lots of unclear features. And their images on website is really cool was taken by pro-DSLR camera.

  • jesuslovesme

    I am an avid iPhone user and take photos w/ my iPhone a lot! This does have a 2.4 aperture. It seems more authentic then an app creating a blurry background on an iphone.

    I love the fact that it’s WATERPROOF!?!?!?!?!?! AND it has a RING FLASH. Maybe to the common iPhone user who just, takes a photo, puts a filter on and posts it (BORING) this isn’t of use to you. BUT to the CREATIVE eye! THIS IS AMAZING!! I can’t wait till I get an email so I can BUY it.

  • jesuslovesme

    yes, of course it is no use to you because you have your iphone. May I ask what kind of iPhone is it? Which i’m sure is not waterproof and has a ring flash. But if you don’t know what a Ring Flash is (Don’t google it) then you’re right this camera isn’t probably for someone at your mental level.

  • Brixton

    jesuslovesme (ironic name for all the attitude in this comment), the point of it all is that this camera is no different than the many simple, point and shoot cameras out there on the market. I made those comments four months ago and I still see no one using this and it hasn’t bumped in sales, so actually my points were very valid. Good day.