Ricoh Branding Takes Over Pentax Sites in Wake of Recent Name Change


Early last month, just days after Carl Zeiss rebranded itself simply as “ZEISS,” Pentax Ricoh announced that it would be dropping the Pentax from its name, reverting the “Pentax” name to brand status. Now that people have had a month to let that news sink in, Ricoh is making the first major post-name-change alterations by rebranding the Pentax websites and social network accounts.

According to Imaging Resource, the change has already been put into effect on all of the major Pentax websites around the world. Instead of the Pentax logo you will now find the new Ricoh Imaging moniker, but that’s only the beginning.


Some of the more major sites have already taken the next step after that by eliminating the original domain names as well. The US, Canadian, Japanese and Global Pentax websites all forward you directly their respective Ricoh sites. And although they can’t very well change the name of the Pentax Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts, each now sports the Ricoh Imaging logo.

Like we reported before, Pentax lovers need not fear that the name will disappear entirely. Future interchangeable lens cameras (ILC) and binoculars from Ricoh Imaging will still sport the Pentax brand, while Ricoh will take over compact cameras and “new technological innovations.”


For more info on the name change, check out our previous coverage by clicking here. And if you want to confirm the change, head over to your country’s Pentax website and see for yourself.

(via Imaging Resource)

  • Pande

    Is Ricoh on their way to lead the Pentax name out in the dark….. I hope not, but by similar things has happened before and will happened again. It is the way the big companies get the smaller one out of the marked.

    For us who have a passion for the Pentax brand, it’s just sad. I had hoped that Ricoh would take care of Pentax and helped them out in the marked. We all know what Pentax stands for, and many of us has a Pentax as a part of our family.

    I really hope that the Pentax family will send some signals to Ricoh, that they should keep Pentax for what it is good for!
    Just tell them that we don’t like what’s happening!

    Norwegian Pentaxian

  • Lauren

    This move – removing Pentax – will go down in history as the worst mistake that Ricoh ever did. I write this now, as a nobody, as a Pentaxian. The stupidity of Ricoh will alienate and move brand loyalists to other camera makers. If I am passionate enough to care about Pentax as a brand, how could a company not care about those of us that care? It seems that Pentax is now being managed by folks that had different career aspirations on their resumes than to be stewards to loyal Pentax users. We Pentaxians have been slighted. Let the rebellion begin.

  • Rob S

    When Ricoh bought Pentax I was overjoyed. Hoya had done everything possible to run the camera side of Pentax into the ground and I hoped that Ricoh with its resources and strong management was going to turn things around.

    Since taking over they have:

    Forced Ned Bunnell out
    Raised prices on lenses AGAIN despite the massive devaluation of the Yen
    Failed to move the bar one inch from the K-5 on the high end
    Just released the K-50 which is a K-30 in new clothes
    Stagnated lens releases

    Now they are killing off the Pentax name. I am more worried about the future of Pentax as a viable DSLR choice now than I have ever been. I love my K-5 just like I love my K200, K100, WG-3, and my old film cameras. But now I am giving serious thought to looking at Nikon because I dont know if investing more is truly smart. I have a lot of money tired up in Pentax glass and I supposed I could just buy up the close out K-5IIs and kick the can down the road a 5 years if it came to that. Normally competitors try to poison consumers with Fear Uncertainty and Doubt but in this case Ricoh is doing it better than any one else.

  • Lauren

    You nailed it. 100% agree on ALL points. I have over $80k invested in Pentax (and 30 years). I am going to do the same thing if what comes in the next couple of months doesn’t pan out. The K5 is sublime as are the FA limited, DA and DA* lenses. If things go belly-up, I will scoop up a few K5IIs bodies and do exactly what you say. As for Pentax USA management, take a spin on LinkedIn. It’s obvious that Pentax was not in the career aspirations of the USA management folks.

  • Graf Almassy

    Pentax is just a name. A brand name. The really important is what you get for your money.

    If the company change the Pentax name to Ricoh, the cameras are remain in the current level of technology, quality and price. So who care about the name?

    Ps: I’m Pentax user as well as you.

  • dspi

    unfortunately the almight dollar is what drives all decisions, not loyalty….well, maybe loyalty to the big buck…..

  • Lauren

    Graf, Hasselblad, Leica, Zeiss, Pentax are all brands. Just because some folks are “Pentax users” does not make them Pentaxians. There is a unique quality of Pentax cameras that transcends a mere photographic tool and becomes a sublime extension. The way the lens mounts. The use of legacy glass. In-body image stabilization. The menu system. The features of the cameras. The quality of the build. When you use a Pentax, you are using an optical instrument designed by classic Japanese optical engineers. A Pentax is not the latest and flashiest, but a camera that came along when the engineers said it was ready. Unfortunately, too much of Pentax is being taken care of by folks who do not appreciate what Pentax is. Imagine if Ferrari hired some middle manager from Chevrolet? That is what we have in charge of Pentax now – at least in the USA. It’s a mediocre-milquetoast-mash-up nightmare of a brand many of us hold dear.

  • Pande

    Just so agree with you. It’s all about passion….. When you have used Pentax since you started with photography, you understand it. Others don’t…..

  • Graf Almassy

    Is somebody talking about that the Ricoh will fire the Pentax’s engineers and change all the features that we love in Pentax cameras?

    I’m said “Pentax” is just a name and I don’t care about that IF everything else is remain in the current state.

    Is the Zeiss lost something when the company dropped the “Carl” from their name?

  • Rick

    Not diggin it!

  • Eziz

    This is similar to how Pentax started actually. It was Asahi Optical Co. with a camera name Pentax.

  • Michael Russo

    Asahi Pentax were always around when Asahi introduced the first Japanese SLR. Pentax was never a separate company from Asahi. Asahi trade marked the Pentax name.

  • Michael Russo

    Carl Zeiss and Zeiss are the same company not two different companies that merged our got bought out. It is not the same thing.