Walter SD Card Holder: Store Your Digital Photos in This Miniature Leica M


Custom gear maker Walter Pretorius of Walter Leica has come out with a new product for photographers who want a safe and fun way to carry additional memory cards. It’s the Walter SD Card Holder, a tiny Leica M look-alike that has memory card slots of its own.

Each of the card holders is handmade by Pretorius himself, and is crafted out of brass and aircraft aluminum. On the outside is real leather cladding, and a loop lets you attach the card case to your camera or bag strap.


The bottom of the case is firmly attached using two rare earth magnets. Pull it off, and you’ll find two slots in which you can stick your extra SD cards.


Here’s a video showing the case being opened up and used:

Like many of Leica’s special edition cameras, these novelty cases are designed to be collected, so they don’t come cheap. Each one costs $185 (with shipping costs included), and is ordered by contacting Pretorius directly. The cases are individually numbered and boxed, and each one comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Walter SD Card Holder [Walter Leica via La Vida Leica!]

  • theawfultruth

    Let’s hope that those rare earth magnets don’t erase your photos. Oh and you’d have to be a filthy rich moron to pay $185 for anything like this

  • Michael Palmer

    $18.50 you mean? Surely just a typo? ;-)

  • jkantor267

    “This certifies (that whatever this is taped to) is a genuine (or maybe cheap Chinese copy of an) overpriced Leica tchotchke.”

  • Rabi Abonour

    Because who doesn’t want to pay $200 for a card wallet than only holds two SD cards?

  • bob cooley

    people seem to be rushing to buy (ok, maybe just see) this – the site has been slashdotted.

  • Grok

    Flash memory cannot be erased by magnets.

  • theawefultruth

    you are correct! very cool. still crazy money.