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The Noctilock is a Leica-Inspired Lock for Your Camera Bag


If you’re in need of a classy camera bag lock and money is no object, the new Noctilock is for you. It’s a collectible combination lock that’s inspired by Leica’s classic cameras.

The lock is the creation of Walter Pretorius of Walter Leica, the well-known for its “legendary” Leica accessories — things like a contrast-improving eyepiece, a Leica M-shaped SD card holder and a wooden Leica for cracking nuts.

The Noctilock — a play on Leica’s “Noctilux” branding for ultra-fast lenses — is crafted from solid brass and features a front lens that swivels to allow you to set the combination on the bottom of the “camera.”

The inlay on the camera is authentic ostrich leather.

“Each one is made by hand and has its own unique characteristics,” Walter Leica says. “Protect your camera by locking the camera bag with this one of a kind combination lock.”

The Noctilock is available through the Walter Leica website with a hefty price tag of $138.

(via Walter Leica via Steve Huff Photo)