Flickr Gets a New Leader: Former Google Exec Bernardo Hernández


Yahoo is getting serious about making sure Flickr thrives: the company has hired former Google executive Bernardo Hernández to lead the popular photo sharing service. Hernández announced the news today through his Twitter account.


Kara Swisher of AllThingsD says that Hernández was “a longtime favorite of [Yahoo] CEO Marissa Mayer” while Mayer was an executive at Google. Mayer welcomed her new hire in a response to his Tweet:


Prior to joining Yahoo, Hernández was Google’s Director of Product Management and the man in charge of Zagat operations worldwide. He is Spanish-born entrepreneur who has founded a number of Internet companies based in Spain, including (a real estate portal), StepOne (which helps Spanish companies succeed in the US), and Floresfrescas (an online flower delivery business).

AllThingsD reports that Hernández will be replacing Brett Wayn, the VP leader of Flickr who oversaw the “spectacular redesign” that Flickr rolled out back in May. You may also remember that prior to Wayn, Flickr was led for a short time by VP Adam Cahan, a former National Geographic wildlife photographer.

Whether or not you’re pleased with the recent changes that have been going on over in Flickr-land, this much seems clear: Mayer is definitely showing Flickr some love, just like she said she would.

Image credit: Portrait illustration based on photo by Raidoriva10/Wikipedia

  • bill benson

    So……Yahoo shows love by destroying everything it’s customers have spent years building,then completely ignores all their awesome advice and genuine concern and hires leader after leader until the whole place is a joke. Yup, I feel it.

  • John

    Start by removing the new stupid “pinterest” wannabe design and I may consider opening an account again… (closed mine after the re-design).

  • olafs_osh

    Maybe MMayer cares about Flickr as business, but, unfortunately, Flickr as business doesn’t care about it’s customers.

  • clipper

    Too late Bernardo – I’m off. The OTT confusing, crappr ‘redesign’ is SO last year. K.I.S.S.

  • Ronald

    He can start by learning what negative space is.

  • radiancedeluxe

    not a huge fan of this portrait. lifting eye exposure in post when lit from above = evil raccoon-look. hahaha.

  • Branden Frederick

    “Thanks Brett Wayn, great job with that redesign. Now you’re fired!”

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Dear Flickr: It might be a good idea to hire an actual photographer to lead Flickr rather than some dot-com tool.

  • Matt

    I use flickr, but only because when I was looking for a on-line photo site it was the only one that allowed full sized images. It was never about its functionality. I’m not impressed with their redesign. If they were to offer customization of galleries and more ways to specifying sharing I would think they would do well. I’m not looking to change anytime soon, I have other things to do than to manage on-line photo storage. But, they definately are keeping me from using utilizing their offerings. With this new guy, it makes me even less interested in their offerings.

  • Monteraz

    “closed mine after the re-design”

    and who cares?

  • pgb0517

    And who cares if you ask the question? Lame.

  • Monteraz

    And who cares if you cares about who cares about my question?

  • Johnny Blood

    Showing love? Are you kidding me??? Why is the press continuing to drink the Flickr Kool-Aid? The new redesign sucks. It is slow. It is cumbersome. And the reason Wayn was run out of town is because even Marissa Mayer herself now concedes the new website is a cow. Quit beating the Flickr drum. Love? Hell, this isn’t love, this is much more akin to a narcissist with herpes dating us just long enough to get our bank account passwords and credit card numbers. And you, PetaPixel, have swallowed the rufie whole. Love my ass.

  • Johnny Blood

    No, they showed him the door BECAUSE of the redesign. Flickr sucks. User stats are down, everyone is complaining, the site generally sucks. Marissa Mayer did not make Flickr awesome again, she made it worse. And Bernardo Hernández is Yahoo’s last attempt to fix it. Which won’t happen. Because Yahoo sucks too.

  • iread2

    Oh for the original Flickr format. And I’ve never been able to recover access to my original Flickr account despite helpful advice from Flickr itself. I can view my old account. It’s intact and sitting there. But, I can’t get in!!