What Happens When You Fire a Camera Flash at a Carnival Shooting Gallery

You know those shooting gallery games you find at carnivals? The kind in which you try to win prizes by hitting targets with a rifle? Sometimes the gun and target systems use light rather than air or pellets — if the target detects a specific flash of light emitted by the gun, it will count as a “hit.”

Know what else emits flashes of light? That’s right: a camera flash. In the video above, Jay Ashland shows what happened recently when he used his DSLR’s popup flash to illuminate a carnival shooting range.

  • PeedroPaula

    Hey, man. Nice shot.

  • Fuzztographer

    Sweet! I’m gonna go win a bunch of stuffed bears! ;)

  • PhotoShark

    Awesome. Btw error in the last sentence – “illuminate an carnival shooting range”

  • ihsankhairir

    Well he used a Canon instead of a rifle

  • Jake

    This suddenly makes Rambo movies seem a lot more realistic.

  • Bristol

    Nailed it!

  • Norshan Nusi

    Just hide a speedlite in your sleeve then.

  • Jordan Butters

    Video too long, the plot twist mid-way through lost me. Someone post a summary.

  • David Di Franco Jr.

    I’ve been doing this on my YouTube channel for years. If I had known it’s front page material, I would’ve submitted a link.

  • Becca Gulliver

    I wonder if fairgrounds will ban camera’s with flashes in light of this?