Pocket Tripod: A Versatile iPhone Stand that Fits in Your Wallet


What kind of invention gets Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak excited? The simple kind. That’s what got Woz to not only notice the credit card-sized Pocket Tripod, but feel so strongly about it he took to the Internet to sing its praises.

The Pocket Tripod is an iPhone stand that allows you to point your device in any and all directions — and it does it while still folding down to the size of about two credit cards stacked on top of one another:



“Rarely [does] something make me shake my head at how clever and cool it is like the Pocket Tripod 360º has,” explained Wozniak in a post on Gizmodo. “I keep thinking ‘why didn’t someone do this before’ and ‘what a great idea that I wish I’d thought of.’ I’m still blown away that the angle is adjustable like that.”

Here’s a quick video intro that shows you how the Pocket Tripod works:

It’s an ingenious little invention that almost 2,300 people have already jumped at the opportunity to fund on Kickstarter. And it’s a good thing too. Woz ended his praise of the Pocket Tripod by saying that he would “cry if it doesn’t get fully funded.” With only 52 hours to go, that’s hardly an issue: they’ve already raised $30,000 more than they set out to.


To learn more about the little 360° stand and maybe snag one from the first production run for yourself (once this Kickstarter is over, you’ll have to wait until the pocket tripod makes its way onto store shelves) head over to the campaign page by clicking here.

  • Andrew

    neat … but how long will it take for the moving parts to loose the friction required to place the iphone at any angle

  • Kris

    Putting a smart phone on a tripod is like putting a big a$$ spoiler on a Honda Civic.

  • Rambod Radmard

    Andrew, we’ve taken that into consideration, and we’re confident that it will last through the average user’s pace of using the Pocket Tripod. Enough so, that we’re providing a one year guarantee from the time you receive yours, and will replace it with a new one if any of the components wear out.

  • Joseph Mietus

    Eh, not exactly. Putting a smart phone on a $400 Manfrotto tripod might be overkill, but this device seems just about perfect for what it’s supposed to do.

  • Rambod Radmard

    Thanks Joseph.

  • nir pengas

    great idea. as an iphoneographer i am looking for something like this. as rambod has mentioned above the quality of the product is what matters the most. i have literally tried every single offering out there and most of them break fairly quickly. sadly i’ve missed the cut off time to sponsor this so i guess i’ll pre order. good luck guys!

  • RepV

    This will scratch your iPhone. Even if you have shields such as Zagg of InvisibleShield, the weight of the phone plus typing on the device will create dents in your shield. Can’t pay me enough to use this. No thanks.

  • Rambod Radmard

    Thanks Nir, I appreciate it.
    I’m sure you’ll be impressed when you receive yours in the mail.
    You can still pre-order it on the official Pocket Tripod website, and one of the first people who get one. Cheers, Rambod.

  • Rambod Radmard

    Dear RepV, You shouldn’t worry about scratching your iPhone. From a materials perspective, the glass on the iPone is a much more durable material than the plastic that the Pocket Tripod is made of. It would be like trying to scratch steel with your fingernails. Best example I can give you is how all the iPhone cases made of plastic don’t scratch the iPhones they are protecting.